Austin and Riley Part 8



A sissy cuck’s dream?

How about this:

A sissy cuckold dressed in his best maid’s uniform. His tightest chastity cage and bound so securely to a chair that he can barely move.

In front of him, on the sofa, the commanding Bull, his former school Bully, had wrestled Austin’s compliant wife onto her back before pushing up her dress past her panties.

Yet the fantasy situation was totally destroyed by the dumb childish music playing in his ears. Alexa had been instructed by Corbin, the wife’s Bull, to play music for the under fives in his sound cancelling headphones. It was driving poor Austin crazy.

“If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands’ was repeating endlessly inside his very skull. Totally distracting him from the sight of the Bull now undoing his trousers and Riley, his wife, letting her arms lie back around her head in submission as she gazed up at her conqueror.

For his part, Corbin found his erection was painfully hard. He just needed to bury it in this tramp. Fuck her brains out. All in front of her helpless, bound sissy maid husband.

“Look at him!” Corbin said to her through his teeth. “Your maid. Look at her.”

Riley was too sexually stimulated to look at anything but felt compelled to comply with her authoritative Bull’s every command. She rolled her head to one side, her blonde hair flicking over her eyes.

Then she laughed.

Her hubby was staring at them. He was totally helpless in his uniform, with his stocking tops visible. He couldn’t move and was watching her being railed by this sheer force of masculine nature.

“You’re going to have a lot of fun with your maid,” Corbin stated.

She turned her gaze back to look up at him as he continued.

“You’re going to learn how to keep him so much in his place he’ll be like a well trained puppy!”

She gasped out, “Oh my fucking God. Oh my God. Yes. Teach me. Fuck me. Take me.”

Her bare thighs rose up around his hairy legs and she gripped them hard.

For Austin, all he could make out was the sight of his former school bully sneering at him and nodding in his direction. As the song changed to Do the Hokey Pokey, he watched as his wife looked sleepily at him before laughing with her mouth wide open.

It was so incredibly demeaning, so why was he so aroused by the situation?

The Bull was speaking. Speaking with a knowing snarl, but frustratingly Austin couldn’t hear a word! What were they saying? Why was she laughing so much at him?

He leaned to one side to try and prise the headphones slightly off his ears, but they were so firmly pressed around his skull that his shoulders couldn’t move them an inch. Worse, it was as if the song was getting louder.

“Put your left arm in, take your left arm out,

Put your left arm in, and shake it all about.

Do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around,

That’s what it’s all about!”

This was a nightmare!

He watched helplessly as Corbin raised up his backside before pressing it down slowly, pushing his cock deeply into Riley.

Riley looked wide eyed with shock at her lover as she felt the shock of his size and power. The world stopped spinning for a moment before the Bull began slowly fucking Austin’s wife with a steady rhythm.

Rily brought her hands up to grip the top of her lover’s arms, her gaze never leaving the face of the man screwing her. As Corbin increased his rhythm so she arched her back, closed her eyes and pressed her groin into his.

Corbin turned to leer at the helpless husband, tied so firmly to his chair that he couldn’t move. He grinned. It was a grin so evil and terrifying that Austin gasped. A shudder took hold of him that left him breathless with nerves.

Suddenly Austin needed to be released. Untied, and free. He no longer wanted to be dressed as a sexy maid. He no longer wanted a chastity cage gripping his penis. He needed to be free and be man again.

He made to push out the gag of his wife’s panties, now drying in his mouth. But he couldn’t. It was as if his own self were part of the conspiracy to subjugate him to his wife and her lover.

Corbin felt the hungry wife’s pussy grip his tool, squeezing him.

He needed to pump deep inside her but wanted to revel in the cuck’s distress. He needed to hold on for as long as he could before cumming.

The trigger for Corbin to cum was the cuck’s pleading, wide eyed look of horror as he saw his wife taken from him.

At that moment, Corbin couldn’t stop himself. He slammed into her with all his might hearing her scream with orgasmic joy as he came like a fire extinguisher inside her.

And he came, and he came, and he came …

Riley had grabbed her lover’s head forcing him down into her face where she sucked at his tongue as if she could pull it out of his head.


A quarter of an hour later, Austin was listening to ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’, hadn’t he heard that earlier? He could see that Corbin was lying on his back on the sofa with Austin’s wife atop of him, snuggled up with her eyes shut.

Austin had enough if this. He needed to be released. Most of all he needed the chastity cage removed and to be able to cum. He was so aroused that his entire being floated in sexual need.

He saw his wife’s eyes flicker open. At first, she appeared puzzled and then she saw Austin and smiled lovingly at him.

Austin smiled back, and immediately felt foolish, trapped as he was on the chair by his wife’s and her lover’s bonds.

Riley stretched up and kissed Corbin on the chin. Awoken, he gazed drowsily at her before kissing the top of her head.

Austin could see he was speaking to her, and that Riley was giving him a hundred percent attention. Under the sound cancelling headphones it was like watching a silent movie. Instead of a lone pianist he had people singing about a spider crawling up a spout!

What he couldn’t hear, as the song transposed into Humpty Dumpty, was the relaxed conversation between the two lovers.

“You like being your dumb, cuck maid’s mistress, don’t you,” Corbin said.

Not wanting to entirely admit it, she replied, “What’s not to like? He’s good at the laundry, making beds. I hate ironing, so it’s good that he’s not bad at that.”

“Now there you go,” Corbin said easily, “Not bad. Not bad isn’t good enough.”

She shifted around so that her hands were under her chin, her attention rivetted on this man who seemed to know so much.

He continued, “What will give you an almighty buzz is to get your maid to be perfect at all chores.”

She nodded, “Oh my. I’d love that.”

“Exactly. You’ve more of a domme inside you than you realise. So you mustn’t let anything pass.”

She wrinkled her nose, “Yeh, but sometimes he’s not up for it. I mean the maid game. He can go a couple of days without wanting to dress as a maid.”

“You see,” Corbin said, and when he realised that she didn’t ‘see’, he went on, “Your maid’s got to learn that this isn’t a choice. It’s not a game. You give these sissy cucks an inch and they’ll take a mile. They think this is all for them.”

“I don’t want that,” she pouted and stared at her bound hubbie. The little sod, she thought, if he thinks he’s going to get one over on me!

As Austin listened to the words of ‘Hush, Little Baby, Don’t You Cry’, he saw his wife staring at him while lying on her lover’s chest. It was an accusatory stare. It wasn’t pleasant. Her eyes narrowed, as if displeased. Corbin was talking and nodding in Austin’s direction.

Austin would give anything to hear what they were saying.

What Austin didn’t know, because sissies aren’t always as clever as they think themselves to be, is about Power Exchange. Power Exchange was a term coined in the 1970s as couples became free to experiment more openly with their sexuality.

Quite simply one person loses power and the other gains it. There is, of course, always a matter of choice here. The submissive willingly gives up their power and the dominant willingly takes on the power over the sub. A power exchange.

What becomes clear very quickly, and will become clear to Austin, over the next few weeks, is that the dominant gets an ever increasing thrill from pushing the parameters and the sub becomes progressively more submissive. The submissive develops a greater need to be subservient and dominated. A spiral without end.

The Power exchange starts off as a game, a pastime, a Friday evening ritual, and becomes a 24/7 lifestyle.

But for a sissy, who may struggle to choose whether to wear stockings or tights, such insights are often beyond them. Especially when aroused.

So Corbin talked at length, answering the eager questions from Riley as fully as he could. Not least because he knew he was impressing her with his knowledge.

Finaly, Corbin slapped her arse through the red dress, now damp from sweat and their love juices.

“Listen,” he said, “I’m going to be around from now on, so I’ll help you. I’ve given you a great deal to think about. See how you get on tomorrow. Do what I told you to do with your maid, then we’ll meet up again.”

She smiled and kissed his stubbly chin, “I’d like that.” She laughed. “I hope I remember all you’ve said.”

He held her gaze, seeing her self-doubt, “You are a natural mistress!” he gripped her arms and pulled her up so he could kiss her hard. “A Mistress to your dumb fuck of a maid as well as being my slut. How does that sound?”

“Oh fuck. Amazing., It just sounds like a dream.” She spread her fingers either side of his cheek, “You don’t know how much I want to be that dominant Mistress. I want to see him squeal with humiliation.”

‘Twinkle, twinkle, little Star,’ was chanting through Austin’s headset as he observed the long serious chat the lovers enjoyed. He so much needed to know what they were saying. Argh. ‘If Your Happy and You Know it,’ had started.

He watched as Riley kissed greedily at her lover’s mouth. Corbin gripped her arms and twisted her around so that she was beneath him. Jesus, they weren’t going to fuck again? How many times was this? Corbin was some sort of love machine!

Austin pulled on his bonds, but the action just reminded him yet again, that he was totally secured and couldn’t move a muscle. Oh, God, he needed to be released.

Just then ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’ began and he closed his eyes and shook his head in exasperation.

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  1. The children’s songs on the headphones while they are fucking really take it up a notch. Abject horror! Shame they cannot dress Austin as a girl Wiggle, handcuff her and make her watch while listening to Wiggle music!

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