Austin and Riley Part 09

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In his maid’s uniform, Austin watched his wife and her lover Corbin, screw, hold each other, and even sleep for short periods. They bounced relentlessly on the sofa like a testing machine for the springs and cushions. As he was bound so tightly to a dining room chair, under the Bull’s supervision, he couldn’t move.

He was feeling stiff, desperate to straighten his legs which had been pulled so hard beneath the seat of the chair, before being bound so tightly to his wrists.

The noise cancelling headphones Corbin had squeezed onto his head, kept up the steady roster of children’s songs, as Alexa had been ordered by his wife’s lover. Even more irritating, the tunes were now repeating. How many times had he listened to Hush Little Baby? It was driving him insane, like the Chinese water torture.

And all the time his humiliation and helplessness aroused him intensely. His inflated dick was pushed hard against the small, plastic chastity cage, and his panties were sopping wet with his endless precum.

He just needed to be untied, his chastity unlocked, and he would cum fully in seconds.

Finally, the couple slumped into each other’s arms and were totally still.

“Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes,” started yet again in his headphones, and Austin groaned into the gag.

Bound so tight he couldn’t even squirm, he saw Corbin’s eyes flicker open, in a moment he was wide awake. He glanced at Austin, grinned and then slapped Riley, Austin’s wife’s, arse.

It was really hard.

The spank was a sign of ownership of the wife. Taunting the secured cuckold with a demonstration of his ownership.

Riley, who had been embracing her Bull, pulled up her head in shock. She glared at Corbin before giggling and cuddling him tighter.

Corbin was saying something that of course Austin couldn’t hear because of the noise cancelling phones and the infuriating music. Whatever it was, it made Riley stare at him intensely, like a puppy awaiting instructions.

As Austin couldn’t hear anything apart from the childish songs, he could only see Corbin’s mouth opening and closing like a goldfish.

Whatever he was saying entranced Riley. She listened carefully, interjecting once or twice before nodding her blonde head thoughtfully at the replies Corbin offered.

About four or five songs later, Corbin rose, pulling together his trousers and giving Austin the wickedest, most superior smile Austin had ever seen. It was an, ‘I’ve conquered you and your wife’ smile that chilled Austin. Oh why had he let Riley contact his old school bully?

Yet also, of course, the entire scene aroused him. The affair was setting alight his sexual desires.

Riley pressed herself up against her lover for another cuddle, with Austin remembering he was chewing on her dried panties in his mouth so she was naked beneath her dress. This produced another leering grin from Corbin that humiliated the poor, helpless sissy hubbie.

And then they were talking again. And once more, it was like a silent film for Austin.

While Austin listened to the Alphabet Song he watched his wife, with her most serious, studious expression ask Corbin a question.

It was a query that appeared to impress Corbin. He raised his eyebrows and spoke at length. Riley nodded continuously, taking it all in.

What were they talking about? Austin was furious. He didn’t want Riley making another date with this arrogant bully until he could talk her through his own feelings, and how he mistrusted this dominant male.

Finally, Riley smiled at Austin. It was such a warm facial expression that Austin fell in love with her all over again. God she was wonderful. How could he let that dim witted thug screw his wife?

Then another chat between the lovers, shorter this time. Riley led Corbin out of the door into the hall.

What was happening?

Never had he felt so helpless before. It was thrilling and scary. Simply not knowing what they were discussing vexed and thrilled him.

It was a long time before they returned. Had they had sex, once more, this time upstairs?

A smug Corbin was pulling on his jacket.

And again, that dreadful arrogant grin directed at Austin. An expression that said, I am better than you, and you are a loser.

The panties were now totally dry in his mouth, and he wished he had the courage to gob them out but dared not.

With a slow deliberate movement, Corbin raised his arms, until his hands were at Austins eye level. He then opened his palms and, in each palm, Austin could see a key. They were the keys to his chastity cage! He recognised them as they were unlike any other keys, being so long and slim.

In a state of panic, Austin made to spit out the panties, but Corbin clenched his hands, enclosing his huge fists around the keys before poking one finger against Austin’s lips. The message was clear. The panties remain in his mouth until they are removed.

Austin was terrified at the sudden action, and with large, round eyes nodded his acquiescence.

He saw Corbin say something in the direction of the smart speaker, obviously summoning Alexa and the song Hickory Dickory Dock was turned down to silence.

The music had stopped! Finally.

Corbin smiled at Austin, this time warmly.

“You’ve been a very good maid,” he nodded to Riley, “we are both impressed by how well you’ve behaved. So good girl.”

‘Good girl’? Wow. Austin’s dick tried to cum in his panties, but obviously couldn’t being trapped in the plastic cage.

“So don’t spoil it by being naughty now. Got it?”

Austin bobbed his head: ‘Yes’.

Corbin pulled back his shoulders to make himself immensely tall, and said to Riley, “You see. Your maid can behave. You must be very proud.”

Taken aback at the compliment, Riley said, “She has been good,” she wrinkled her nose. “She isn’t always.”

“She has done you credit this evening. Right. I’ve got to go. So about tomorrow.” He saw Austin listening intensely, and announced, “Alexa, play children’s songs again.

Aaargh, ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It,’ began again. How many times had Austin heard that song in the last couple of hours?

Austin watched Corbin say a few words, Riley nod her assent and then they kissed and cuddled. At one point, she appeared surprised, glanced at her husband, and then agreed to what ever Corbin had said.

The loving couple exited the room, wrapped up in each other.

It left Austin to stare at the open doorway. He could tell by the lines of yellow light from the street lamps, that the front door had been opened.

Another two songs played, Rain, Rain, Go Away and Five Little Monkeys, before the hallway went dark and an overjoyed Riley re-entered.

She shouted something in the direction of Alexa and the music stopped.

Riley pulled off the headphones with effort as they were now sticky with sweat.

She bent over him, her hands on Austin’s stockinged thighs, and said, “Well what a guy! He could be the one! The one we’ve been seeking. He’s got everything.”

Austin shook his head, still fearful about forcing out the gag of her panties from between his lips.

“Oh silly. He’s gone now.” She took hold of the now dehydrated panties between her thumb and forefinger and pulled them out of his mouth.

His mouth felt as dry as a towel out of the spin dryer. He attempted to salivate, to moisten his mouth. But it was as if all his moisture had been soaked up in the panties and then dried out in his gagged mouth.

“Oh my God. We have so much to talk about,” she said gleefully as she pulled at the ropes around his wrists.

At last, Austin’s legs straightened, as they were released from his wrist bonds. It felt so good to straighten them out before him so he could see his heels again. His muscles stretched with gratitude after their period of fixed bondage.

Austin felt brave enough to say, “What? Don’t you think he went too far?”

She left his hands bound and went to the front of the chair to undo the ties about his ankles. Wow they looked secure. And it was all her own handiwork. Under the direction of the knowledgeable Corbin.

“Aw. Maid. Sir says I have to call you maid from now on.”

Austin felt he needed to make his presence known.

“We’ll decide what we call each other!”

“Hmmm!” Riley was perturbed. “Not really. And Sir says we have to help you adjust to the new world order.”

“New world order? What the hell does that mean?”

Releasing his ankles, his high heeled feet spread gratefully apart.

Now only his hands were secured.

“Aw.” She let her head fall to one side, her blonde hair falling across her naked shoulder. “Sir said you might find it difficult. He is ever so thoughtful. He has a complete timetable for you.”

Eh? “What do you mean, timetable?”

She ruffled his cute, short, pixie cut hair, “Aw, now you mustn’t upset yourself. Sir says we shouldn’t tell you anything in advance, as it will only worry you.” She giggled and rolled her eyes, “or was I not supposed to tell you that? Duh! What am I like?”

She laughed at her ‘dumbness’, something Austin had never seen her do before.

“Listen, just untie my hands. We need to chat.”

She folded an arm across her chest, under her breasts, rested and elbow on it and tapped her finger against her lip. “Do we? We don’t need to chat about it at all. There’s just a few things you need to learn before I untie your hands.”

To learn? Austinn shuffled his bottom on the hard chair surface, feeling his stockinged thighs rub together. He didn’t need a chat. He needed to cum.

“Then, we’ll open a bottle of wine and have a real girly night in, gossip about what’s happened. Because that’s what girls do when they are alone.”

Austin pulled at his bonds, but he knew the action was useless. Corbin was probably just some stupid arsed thug, but he obviously knew how to tie knots.

“Firstly, you always call me Mistress. Sir says I am to tell him if you don’t. Oh, yes and also, we are both to refer to Sir as Sir.” Seeing the pained expression on her husband’s face she said, “Aw, sorry. I know. But that’s what he has ordered.” She rolled her eyes and giggled. “Oh, there is so much more. You know what real guys are like.”

So it was, that just ten minutes later, that Riley, wearing a fresh pair of panties, sat on the sofa too excited to drink much of her wine.

Glass in hand, still wearing his maid’s uniform, Austin sat next to her, nervous and unsure what to say or how to react. He had never heard Riley jabber so quickly with such enthusiasm. She barely paused for breath. It was as if every word was exciting for her.

“I mean, wow, did you see how calm he always was? Have you ever seen a guy like that?” She mimicked his voice, “You sit there, maid, and you sit there, slut!” She giggled. “It was like so, like, I don’t know. And he knows so much. Oh my God the things he shared with me, while you,” She put her hand over her mouth as she laughed at her befuddled husband, “Were helpless and listening to the kiddie’s music. So funny!”

Austin winced. It was sexually exciting to be humiliated like that but with his wife actually laughing at him, he felt his tummy turn over with shame. Should he stand up for himself?”

But Riley was blistering on, a train driven to reach its goal, “Oh my God has he got plans for you!”

She laughed at her husband’s shock and sipped her wine. She was intoxicated by the alcohol and the entire afternoon.

“Plans? For me?” Austin said, his eyes full and round.

She leaned forward, so that her soft breasts in her bra beneath her dress bounced. “Oh yeh. Full on plans for you. Whoops!” She laughed. “But I’m not supposed to tell you anything. Sir says that will keep you on edge. And, and, oh God, here’s the thing. He’s got plans for me. He says I am a natural Mistress. How about that? And he should know! Says I am a true slut and a true Mistress to subby cucks like you.”

“Mistress,” Austin cut in quickly, as he felt his wife was never going to stop rabbiting, “Do you think we should slow down. A lot has happened and …”

The laughter had drained from her face, leaving her eyes narrow and her mouth shut tightly so that her lips became thin.

Her voice was low, and devoid of the merriment and driving joy of the previous chat. “You just remember, you are the maid in this arrangement. That’s what you have been mithering me forever, isn’t it? Ever since we met. You are the maid, and you don’t get a say. Sir says you need to deal with it and it might be hard for you at first.”

“But, Riley, we ….”

The slap across his face astonished him. Wine slopped from his glass.

“Now you listen here. And listen carefully, maid. You never, never use my name. Not even when we are having girly time like this. I am Mistress, always! Got it?”

A stunned Austin felt the stinging heat in his cheek. She had never exhibited any signs of aggression before.

“Well, yes Mistress.”

Leaning back and placing her arm along the sofa back she said coldly, “And Sir is always Sir. Is that understood?”

“Yes, yes, of course, Mistress.”

She eyed him the checking for any doubts in his manner. Oddly, he appeared scared, or at least wary. She had never before induced that fear anyone. It gave her a rush of blood that tingled at her pussy and breasts.

A feeling of determined power. She had disarmed him and now she could boost the confidence of her sissy, thus controlling him. As Corbin had outlined earlier, a dominant controls a sub by punishment and plaudits so they become dependent up on the dominant.

“Sir said you have nice legs. How about that?”

She grinned at him in a warm manner that encouraged Austin to return it. So he smiled back and yet again felt his dick thicken.

“Really Mistress?”

“Oh yeh!” She laughed, “I should be jealous, but I quite like that fact he finds my maid attractive. It sort of reflects on me. And that you were obedient and nicely attired. In fact, I was quite proud of how impressed he was with your behaviour.”

That was a shock, she had never before been comfortable with his dressing as girl. “Thank you, Mistress.”

“Now Sir says I have to sort out your bedtimes. He says it should be fixed for every night. But I don’t know,” she was talking quickly again, as if Austin wasn’t present. “I think we’ll say nine thirty, and then make it earlier or later depending on how good you are. You behave well and it’s later, you be bratty and then it’s earlier. Sir says he saw a bit of brattiness in you, so I don’t want to see that again. And I guess, you’ll need to go to bed earlier on the night before laundry day. Sir is going to bring around his stuff for you to wash and iron …”

“Mistress!” He saw her serious expression appear and swallowed, speaking more softly, “Mistress. I can’t do his, er, Sir’s laundry.”

He watched with foreboding as she took in his defiance. Would she slap him again?

Instead, she smiled, her eyes twinkling. “Aw maid. You may be cute, but you also have to be practical. You mustn’t trouble your silly little head over anything. Sir will think for both of us, and I will think for you when he’s not here.” Abruptly her eyes lit up with a realisation, “Oh, and Sir wants us to get clothing. And not just lingerie. As you can imagine with a man, that’s what he thinks most about. He loves sexy lingerie.”

She was talking as if he wasn’t a man. Yet the insult stiffened his member in its cage.

“Clothing, Mistress?”

“Oh, don’t look so worried. He’s left that with me. You and me are going to have a full on in town. All day shopping spree. You’re going to love it. Shoe shops. Dress shops. The full works. Oh and your hair!”

“My hair Mistress?”

This was ridiculous, didn’t he have any say in any of this?

“Yes. Sir likes your pixie cut but wants it a bit thicker.” She ran her fingers down the sides of his soft hair. “And I think a few highlights too. They will soften your look. You are going to love it!”

He needed to be brave, but brave in a cautious way after that astounding slap.

“Mistress, perhaps we should have a chat about what Sir wants. Make sure it fits in with us and what we are looking for.”

She offered him a naughty grin. “Sir said he has a cure for you if you try to think.”

Austin felt alarm tickle his tummy. “A cure, Mistress?”

She leaned forwards and lowered her voice as if fearful of someone overhearing her.

“Oh, my yes. He has a few cures for naughty maids.” She wiggled down the sofa, until they were millimetres apart, and could feel each other’s warmth. “You ever heard of a spiked chastity cage?”

His jaw fell open, his face a picture of anxiety.

She kissed his nose with a giggle, “Oh, for fucks sake, you look so cute when you are scared. Why hadn’t I seen your cuteness before? You are totally adorable.”

She put her wine on the coffee table and then took his glass from his hand to place it next to hers. She put her arm around him and whispered in his ear.

“Oh Maid, the things I could tell you about your future. You are going to love it!”

“Mistress, Mistress. Spiked cages are painful. I’ve read about them.”

She laughed. “Silly. They are supposed to be. They are a deterrent. Sir says four or five hours in that will help train even the most bratty of maids. Oh!” She remembered another part of Sir’s talk. “Sir hates your plastic chastity cage. Oh my God, he says no, no, no! That is coming off.”

“Mistress, I like wearing the chastity cage, especially when I’m when dressed.”

Amused she said, “You are ditzy! Sir doesn’t want you walking around with erections. Obviously! He says there is only room for one man in this relationship. No, he has this steel chastity cage he can get. He says it is impregnable. Once he locks it on you then, poof, your little dickie thing is gone forever. Well at least until he unlocks you. Isn’t he amazing?”

No, Austin thought. He is a bully and an absolute pain. But if only Austin didn’t get so aroused at the thought of all that was happening. Then he could think clearly and make a stand.

His wife’s hands pressed on his shoulders, forcing him to lie on the sofa. Suddenly she was on top of him, her hands under his skirt, squeezing his arse hard.

“You are the sexiest maid in the world, and you are mine. You got that?”

Looking up his wife in a way he had never before experienced he said, “Yes, Mistress.”

Her face became hard. “Who do you belong to, maid?”

“You Mistress. You.”

When had she become so loving and yet so scary? She had gone from the Jekyll of a lovely compliant wife to the Mister Hyde of a ferocious, scary Dominatrix in an afternoon.

Her phone rang.

She groaned and Austin said, “Don’t answer it.”

Sitting back on her knees on the sofa, she stared at the handset. “Oh my God. It’s him!”

Now it was Austin’s turn to sigh. Was this dreadful man going to interrupt them every time they were enjoying their time together?

Riley answered with an elongated, “Hello,” and a wide grin.

She listened and her eyebrows furrowed, then her face brightened. “Yes, Sir.”

Giggling she turned off her phone and grabbed his hand, leading him upstairs to their room. A girl in a hurry.

They arrived in the master bedroom, where she pulled him back towards the curtained windows, so they were stood before the full length mirrors.

Austin saw himself in his maid’s uniform, his hair awry. Oh God he just needed to cum!

Lifting up her phone she checked the image of herself in the mirror.

“Sir wants a selfie.” She adopted a deep low voice, “And get it to me right now slut!” Then she giggled again. “What is he like?”

“Should I take it, Mistress?”

“No! You don’t know how to take a selfie. Watch! Turn side on, behind me, that’s it. So we are back to back. Straighten your shoulders. Good girl. Oh, arch your back. Haven’t you seen girls doing their pix for boyfriends. Arch your back so your arse sticks out. That’s it. Shoulders back I said, so your little tits push out.”

Austin was knocked senseless with the commands. It felt so odd to be stood like this. So unnatural.

The camera snapped a few times.


Austin was shaken by her anger.

“Yes, Mistress?”

“Pout and smile. You must have seen girls posing for their pictures? Pout. Then smile a little. That’s it.”

Relaxing, she backed closer into him so their backsides touched. Two more pictures.

“Now turn around. Facing each other. Up against me. The lesbian shot. Men wank for hours over them!”

Austin knew that was true as he had spent a great deal of time looking at pictures of sexy lesbians together.

“Cheek to cheek. Pout. For fuck’s sake. Pout. When you see a camera, you pout!”

Austin did so.

“And smile! Do you want me to get Sir to spank you?”

Austin felt her hot cheek against his and pouted with a smile he hoped would satisfy her.

“Bottom! Arch back!”

He obeyed, in state of panic. She sounded so cross with him.

“Now lift up your leg like me!”

Austin watched as one of her bare legs crooked back into the air and he sought to emulate the action.

It is damn hard balancing on a single high heel.

With that, she actually physically pushed him away as if he was now surplus to what she needed. She spooled through the snaps on her phone, her face expressing increasing levels of anxiety. She swiped back through them until she compared one of the ones with their legs up and one with their backs to each other.

“Oh God! Which will he like?” She swiped quickly and then slowly, just those two pictures being considered.

Austin didn’t want to trouble his wife, who was becoming a scary dominatrix, so spoke quietly. “Mistress. Just to say, and I’m sure you’re aware of this, but once Sir has them, well, he could share them with others.”

He immediately regretted speaking. She closed her eyes and sighed as if she had heard the dumbest remark ever. “Maid, we’ll think about that when he asks for nude pictures. Most guys are okay. I wouldn’t mind any guy seeing these. Its hot to think about guys with their dicks in their hands looking at me and my maid.”

Then she ballooned her cheeks and announced, “That one!”

She sent the one of them with their cheeks together and legs cocked in the air behind them.

With that she relaxed as if an exam was over.

Suddenly exhausted she sat on the bed.

“I think this old bully of yours is going to wear us out!” She said, without looking at him.

“So maybe finish with him, Mistress?”

Studying him until he looked away with trepidation, she smiled softly. “Aw. Don’t worry. Bed now, precious. You sleep in your maid room at the end of the corridor. Just think. Big day tomorrow. Sir wants you to have an entire new wardrobe.” She smiled naughtily, “And a few things for me, too. It’ll be soooo good. Sooo much fun. Two girls buying clothes.”

“Mistress, maybe we need to just step back and …”

“Unless one silly little maid wants to try to sleep bound up and gagged, I suggest she keeps her naughty little mouth closed! So run along like a good maid. Sleep in the guest room over the garage. Big day tomorrow! Oh my God, maid you will love it!”



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