Austin and Riley Part 10 .



Austin and Riley were exhausted.

Having lived the life of a man, Austin never knew shopping could last all day. Traipsing from shop to shop and then returning to the first shop for an item they could have bought on their first visit!

They stopped for coffees and lunch, and Austin learnt a secret about women that only true sissies know. They can talk! Without the presence of a man, women feel comfortable nattering for hours.

And talk about anything.

Initially it had been irritating, but soon Austin realised that he no longer had to care about his pride so he relaxed and chatted.

And buying women’s clothes was a thrilling experience that tested the rigidity of his cock cage. Even blouses were fun. He learnt to feel the texture of the material and to hold it up to see if the colour matched his own skin tones.

But now, they both lay on the bed at home, quite exhausted.

Riley spoke slowly, her eyes shut, as if in and out of sleep.

“You have to change into your maid’s uniform. After a snooze, God I need to rest my eyes.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Austin had no inclination to move from the comfort of the bed, while laying next to his wife.

“And make sure you’re smart and your hair looks good. I don’t want Sir to be disappointed in your appearance!”

Feeling sleep creeping on him, Austin moaned. “Aw. Can’t it be just you and me tonight?”

“After he’s gone, maid. All your attention should be on pleasing him.”

Slumber overwhelmed them both, just as Austin was trying to think of an argument for not letting Corbin back into their lives.

The shrill phone tone shook them both awake, leaving them feeling lost. Where were they?

“Oh, it’s him!” Riley was anxious. She sat bolt upright on the bed staring at the name of her lover on her phone.

Austin groaned, closing his eyes, hoping for sleep to reclaim him.

After pressing the answer button, she said her usual, long hello, into the phone, listened and giggled.

“Sir!” She said as if outraged at something he had said, before grinning. “Oh? Yes, Sir, he is with me. On the bed. No! Don’t be silly. We are just resting after shopping. Did I say he? Sorry.” She giggled. “He’s wearing men’s clothes, well on the outside.” She laughed at another remark, before adding, “Okay!”

Glancing down at her husband, who was suddenly wide awake, she looked troubled. She was relieved that he couldn’t hear what her lover was saying.

“Oh, okay. I’ll tell him.” She turned to her husband, “Sir wants you out of here so we can have a private chat.”

Rolling his eyes, Austin said, “Really?”

Her manner changed. Like a curtain dropping, her chatty, gushing persona was hidden away, and an icy hard glare stared into Austin’s soul.

“Maid. I do not want you answering me back when I am talking to Sir! Now get down to the maid’s room and put on your uniform. One of the proper maid’s hotel uniforms we bought. I like the light salmon one. Yes, that one.” She covered the mic on the phone. “Sir will think it’s pink. You know what men are like with colours.”

This was ridiculous, Austin thought. He was a man but knew the difference between salmon and pink. Didn’t all men?

It was time to make a stand, just a small one to remind his wife, that he too should have a say in this.

“Mistress, I think, maybe it is better I stay for a bit. After all, …”

Her eyes closed a little, like black clouds rolling across a summer sky. It was a facial change Austin was growing to be wary of. “And do it now!”

A pissed off Austin stomped to the former guest room at the far end of the upstairs hallway.

Though he’d closed the master bedroom door he hovered next to it, wary of being discovered. Suppose she opened her door and saw him trying to listen to her conversation with Corbin? He had become fearful of her anger.

His foolish sissy brain was so desperate to hear their chat that the logical fact that he could only hear his wife when she laughed out loud through the master bedroom door, and couldn’t make out her quiet, excited speech, meant the risk was not worth the reward.

Yet he stayed there for a full quarter of an hour, every sense he had straining to hear the discussion.

Finally, he slinked into his room and stripped away his male clothes down to the baby blue chemise top and panties. Riley had insisted he wear beneath his male attire.

He showered, taking an age to wash around his chastity cage, enjoying every second of erotic joy of his imprisoned dick being warmed and soaped.

As he towelled himself dry he peered down the long corridor to the master bedroom where the door was still closed, and all was silent. He ventured cautiously into the hallway his ears keen to pick up any sound. Had the call with her lover ended? And then he heard Rily gasping. It was rhythmic. It was the sound she made when Austin played with her using her favourite rabbit vibrator. Now she was reciting ‘yes’, in frantic ways before emitting a long gasp.

How on earth could a phone call make her cum? It was difficult to make her cum when Austin shagged her, no matter how hard he worked. Hence why she had him buy the Rabbit toy.

He dressed in the new frilly, black and red corset and matching panties. It was a delicious number, with frills everywhere, and created tiny breasts by pressing in his waist and forcing the little fat he had into the cups of the corset. It gripped him like bondage and aroused him as much as putting on the matching panties. Delicate red lace surrounded all parts of the corset. It looked staggering in the mirror.

The matching tight panties slipped easily into place. He had forgotten the sensual delight of new clothes. The stockings clipped tightly onto the hanging garters of the corset.

This maid’s outfit was a genuine item that hotel maids actually wore. In a delightful salmon tone, it appeared functional and professional, yet attractive. They had found it in a supplier of clothing to restaurants and hotels.

It had a tight bodice, and waist and flowering ruffles around the bottom. The shoes had a modest low heel of three inches, but the apron was to die for. Though an actual professional item, the pinafore came in an over the shoulder ruffled style. The shoulder ruffles were way over the top Edwardian style and attached at the rear in a big bow.

He felt his mind go light as he clipped the decorative maid’s cap into his hair. It tied at the back in a stringy bow and the clips at the front ensured it would remain in place even if he bent forward.


Austin’s sissy brain found the tickling of his flared skirt against his thighs distracted him into a world of naughty pleasure. He could feel his silky panties around his groin and chastity cage. His eyes closed. His breathing became short as he clung to the door for support.

“Maid!” A flushed Riley was standing in the hallway staring at him.

Austin became self-conscious and stepped back.

Riley squealed, “Oh my God look at you! That new hair style with the extensions makes your pixie cut look so hot! And that outfit! You look like a real maid. Sir is right. You could actually answer the door dressed in that. People would think you are just home help.”

Fear prevented Austin’s dry mouth from swallowing. Answer the door? People would see him dressed in this outfit?

Riley relaxed and jogged over to embrace her maid, holding him tight. “Oh silly! Don’t look so terrified. You are like a frightened rabbit.” She eased back and kissed her maid on the nose. “Sir will be here in thirty minutes. Oh, stop looking so shocked. You knew he was coming tonight.”

“Mistress. We just need to stop this. It’s getting scary.”

“Nonsense. Now you are doing steaks tonight. Men love steaks.”

There it was again, the reference to men. It was as if Austin was in a boat floating away from manhood and he had no control over the craft or its journey.

“Now, you’ll need that make up. The light make up, like we discussed in town when we were in the hair stylists. Open a bottle of red. Make sure the dining room is immaculate! Get the hoover in there …”

She was gabbling away like an over excited child.

Austin had no other option other than to break away from her embrace and say, “Stop!”

She tilted her head to one side, so that her blonde hair fell onto one shoulder, staring at him as if she didn’t recognise him.

“Okay. We need to think about this.” He closed his eyes to draw breath ready to offer his advice.

“Maid.” She spoke quietly, but with great emphasis.

Austin opened his eyes and clocked that narrow eyed expression he was beginning to dread. Her pink lips were tightening.

Now, when she spoke the schoolgirl jabbering had gone, and her lips barely parted.

“Sir said that you and I would have to have an acclimatising period. He is very understanding and empathetic.”

Corbin understanding and empathetic? Austin made to interrupt but Riley put her finger to her mouth and said, ‘Shhhh’. It was as if she were speaking to an errant child.

“I’m not going to tell Sir that you forgot to address me properly. Though that,” her eyes narrowed to two black lines, “will be your last chance. Sir is being very understanding. And we should be grateful. Now, while I am getting ready, I want you and Sir to get on well together.”

“But ….”


Austin had been about to interrupt her again and was thrown back by her aggression to stand at attention. Where had his lovely wife found this tough confidence? 

“So make sure you greet Sir at the door as a maid would. You should have the glass of wine on that nice silver tray and offer it to him. Stand up straight. He needs to know his position in this household the moment he sets foot in here.”

She paused, but her eyes remained hard. “Are we clear, maid?”

He found he couldn’t speak, so just nodded.

The moment he bobbed his pretty little head, she gripped him hard and emitted a long, sing song, “Oooooh. You are so delectable”.

Kissing his hot cheek, she spoke softly, “I know it is hard for you maid. Sir has said that there is a huge step for you to make from playing games to the real experience of being a maid in the house. He says that once you have completed that step then you’ll be fine. Isn’t he smart?”

The words would still not come. Was she being serious? It was as if she had been kidnapped by a cult.

Riley kissed her maid on her nose. He was so adorable when deferential.

“Right, I am going to have a bath and get changed. That little white dress you and I bought with just stockings, no bra or panties.” She laughed. “No. The silver one. Oh my God, we both loved that one in the store. Maybe the flowery one that clings to my curves. I bet his big cock won’t be able to stay in its pants!”

Yet more crudeness from her. As if she were speaking to a girlfriend about a lewd experience.
Austin watched his preoccupied wife wiggle back to the master bedroom and close the door.

Close the door on him. On her husband!

His craft was bobbing further away from the safety of the mainland. Yet why did the fear and helplessness arouse him so much? His dick pumped out precum when she was taking charge, even though he hated it.

He did hate it … didn’t he?

And didn’t he hate that dreadful bully taking charge of them both?

Yet, once more, his dick tried to harden in his tiny cage.

It was so difficult being a sissy, so many conflicting thoughts. So difficult to make sense of them.

Then he shook awake. Makeup! She had commanded him to put on the light make up they chatted about over coffee in the mall.

Why hadn’t he known it could be so much fun shopping. It had been exhausting but so exciting. They discussed every garment they bought for her and him. Mainly for him. He had an incredible wardrobe now.

He stood before the mirror shifting one way then the other, watching the skirt. It didn’t fly up like his French maid uniform when he turned, but it certainly made him look curvy.


He jumped in his heels. She was standing at the ned of the upstairs corridor, in a dressing gown, holding a hair brush.

“Get downstairs and get that dining room sorted!”

As she watched her husband in his professional maid’s uniform race to the stairs and hammer down them in his heels, she relaxed against the doorway and smiled.

Oh my God, had she known owning a sissy maid could be this much fun she would have agreed to do it years ago. Corbin was so perceptive and forceful. At the thought of his commanding power, her free hand pressed down to the crack in her dressing gown and pushed up against her wet pussy lips.


She stopped herself. No, she wanted to be in total need when the alpha male turned up. He would love seeing Austin standing there with a tray in his hand. He’d be ready for action the moment she appeared before him.

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  1. Oh my. This is giving me the vapours!

    The other places we have visited with you Ms Ford have been “difficult” for our comrades in panties, but I fear that poor Austin is going to find himself in a much greater predicament. Riley is so hot! I cannot wait!

    1. Oh my, Chloe you are right to be fearful for poor Austin. If only he knew what lies ahead for him, he would find a way to escape … except his poor randy, sissy brain cannot think clearly.

      I have actually included a health warning for sissies at the start of chapter 12, perhaps i ought to have added it sooner.

      Deborah Ford

    1. Too true, Anonymous. Poor Austin is tumbling head first into Corbin’s trap. Hopefully he’ll realise this and escape in the next chapter.

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