Austin and Riley Part 11


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Shame is a crushing emotion.

It overwhelms the senses and sweeps away any capacity for thought.

Thus, Austin stood in his professional maid’s uniform behind his own front door, holding a silver tray balancing a glass of red wine on it. Just as wife, Riley had commanded.

Even if he was in his frilly, porn style maid’s uniform this would be a fearsome chore, but wearing a professional maid’s outfit as used genuinely in hotels, so he appeared to be no more than a domestic worker, was mind numbingly humbling. A silly little hat, more of a decoration than serving any purpose, was clipped into his blonde hair.

Worse, the colour of the uniform was salmon, almost pink, and the fluffy apron rendered him nothing more than a maid.

He couldn’t even check his watch, as any attempt to turn his wrist led to the tray shaking and glass rattling with menace. He would die if the red wine was spilled onto the wooden floorboards just inside the front door.

So, he obediently waited for the arrival of his former school bully, Corbin, who was now his wife’s latest Bull. And by far the lover who most excited her.

His new three inch heels had seemed comfortable but now, stuck in one position, they became uncomfortable.

Was that a car that had pulled onto the drive?

He became fully alert. A car door slammed.

He had only one thought – to run up to the spare room over the garage, which had become his maid’s room. There he could hide until the dominant male left the house.

A key in the slot.

Terror. Riley wouldn’t have given Corbin the key to their front door? It had to be someone else.

He was about to scream when the door thumped open, and the terrifying masculine bulk of Corbin stepped inside. He held the door open onto the street at the bottom of the front gardens. A neatly suited Corbin did a double take at the maid with the tray.

He then grinned and laughed.

“Well now. Just look at you!”

Austin closed his eyes, feeling queasy.

The door closed on the outside world, and for a long moment the two stood just a foot apart.

Finally, Austin opened his eyes and offered the red wine on the tray to the big male.

Accepting it, Corbin said, “Good girl.”

Oh, that crazy thrill from being called a ‘good girl’. A thrill that shivered around his body like an electric current buzzing through a house.

“But you need to know,” Corbin said, “that I want a scotch on that tray when I get here.”

The maid remained silent, eyes fixed on the tray that he still managed to hold straight.

Corbin said, “What do you say when given an instruction, maid?”

Austin swallowed, and whispered, “Yes Sir.”

“Good girl. Lead me into the house, maid.”

Barely able to breathe the maid led the alpha male into the sitting room.

Again, not knowing what to say or do, Austin stood holding the empty silver tray, his eyes fixed anywhere other than on the grinning hulk.

Austin felt the Bull’s fingers lightly touch his cheek and heard another laugh.

“How hot are your cheeks? You could toast bread on them.”

“Sir, please. I er, I, erm, I must get back to the kitchen,” Austin said staring at the beige rug, decorated with scarlet lines.

“Nonsense,” Corbin announced with authority. “Where’s your Mistress?”

Austin found himself gabbling, “She’s upstairs, Sir. Getting ready for you.”

Oh God. His wife was getting ready for another man. His beautiful wife was dressing and making herself up for this horrible brute.

“Great. Gives me and you a chance to get to know each other.”

Eh? Austin gave a glance up at his tormentor, the way a frightened bird looks in the direction of danger, before looking away.

Corbin put his drink on the coffee table before pulling the tray from the grasp of the terrified maid. He was loving this. His dick was stirring, and it wouldn’t be long before he’d be giving the wife a quick seeing to. Just to remind her of whose woman she was now.

“Sir. Thank you,” Austin was saying, “but I have things I need to do in the kitchen.”

Slumping onto the sofa, Corbin said, “Maids always have something to do. That’s what you’re for. Now,” he patted his lap, “sit here.”

Austin’s jaw fell open as he stared at the groin of the man who was tormenting him.

“Quickly girl. Men do not like having to repeat themselves.”

There was so much authority in the voice and demeanour of Corbin that Austin plonked himself awkwardly down onto the thigh of the Bull, his heels just touching the rug.

He felt an arm gather around his waist. A man’s strong arm! A swift tug and Austin was full set on the lap of Corbin, his heels now off the floor.

Austin could feel the heat of the Bull’s muscular body through his suit jacket and shirt.

Then the arm encircled Austin around his own bare arm before giving him a sharp squeeze.

“So maid, how’s your day been?”

“M-m-m-my day?”

Corbin laughed. It was an easy, relaxed laugh. A man enjoying himself.

“Yes, girl. And we aren’t going to forget how to address me, are we maid?”

“No, Sir,” Austin said, his mouth becoming dry.

“So come on then. What have you two sexy girls been up to?”

“We went shopping, Sir.”
The shock of the situation still kept Austin from looking at the face of the man who was teasing him. Yet in his panties, his little dick spurted into the chastity cage.

What is there about humiliation and being overwhelmed by another that excites him so much?

“Ah. Shopping. I bet you two loved doing that. That’s what girls do isn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir,” he said automatically, his brain not able to think whether that was what girls did.

“And you bought some nice stuff for you and your Mistress?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Hey, by the way, maid. Thanks for the selfies of you and Mistress. You two are a hot pair, aren’t you?”

“Thank you, Sir.”

God why wouldn’t he let him hide in the kitchen. This was agony. Arousing but shameful.

“You know, I’m going to take a few hot snaps of you two love birds too.”

Finally, an alarmed maid glanced at the man of the house.

Corbin laughed, “Look at your face. It’ll be great. You two will love it. Some good old lesbian action.”

“I don’t know. I mean,” Austin was lost for words. Then a fail safe: “I’ll have to talk to Mistress about it.”

Corbin found this hysterically funny. “Dumb arsed maid. No. I will talk to your Mistress about it. What you two gossip about when I am not here, I don’t give a shit about.”

Austin swallowed, “Yes, Sir.”

“Now, before your Mistress gets down, just one question.”

This time a troubled Austin gazed up at him under his false eyelashes. “Yes Sir?”

“You want to please your Mistress, don’t you?”

Austin was offended. “Of course, Sir!”

“Relax. I’m just checking. So it is important that you obey her.”

“I do, Sir!”

“Hey, you look so fucking cute with those big eyes and open pink lipped mouth.” He squeezed the maid in his lap. “I mean every instruction of your Mistress has to be obeyed. No matter how you are feeling about it.”

“Well, yes. I’m not sure about every instruction, but I do …”
As men do, Corbin quickly spoke over the maid perched on his lap. “This is where you sissy maids go wrong. I’ve seen it before. Bit of post nut clarity, or you start thinking you should behave like a boy rather than a girl. I’ve seen it. Too many times.”

Corbin sounded frustrated at the thought of sissies talking back and forgetting their place.

Austin curled into the man, his stockinged thighs tight together under the short skirt. “What do you mean, Sir?”

Seeing the concerned look on the maid’s face, Corbin said, ““Hey, listen. I don’t want you worrying your little head over nothing. It’s just that Mistresses can be a bit lost when they start out. And you wouldn’t want that would you? You wouldn’t want your Mistress giving up on this.”

The horror in the maid’s face was obvious and hilarious to Corbin. He maintained his serious expression revelling in the dumb arsed sissy’s alarm.

“So, just obey her without question, yes?”

The thought of losing Riley as his Mistress was terrifying. They had been together for years and Riley had appeared to hate playing the dominant part, always anxious to get it over with. He wouldn’t want to go back to that.

“Maid?” Corbin asked with a friendly, amused tone.

“Oh!” Austin sat up straight on the lap of this man who suddenly seemed so protective of him. “Thank you, Sir. I hadn’t thought of that.”

Corbin pressed the maid tightly up against his body, “Don’t worry your dumb blond brain. I’ll take care of you.”

No one had ever said that to Austin before. Crazily, it sounded reassuring.

From under the crook of this strong man, Austin smiled and said, “Thank you, Sir.”

“And you know what, maid? You have any problems you come to me. Right? Anything at all.”

“Yes, Sir.”

That all made sense. Corbin was far from the bully of Austin’s school memories. He had become a very helpful, shielding friend. Austin could see himself seeking Corbin’s advice.

Already the reader is fearing for the foolish sissy. Like the fly hitting the spider’s web for the first time, Austin doesn’t realise that he is trapping himself by moving further and further along the web towards the arachnid at the centre. There is always a spider at the centre of the web.

“What on earth are you two doing,” laughed Riley standing in the doorway.

She wore the sparkly silver dress they had chosen in a high fashion shop in the city. It was pretty low in the back, but loose, so that the material gathered a little above the waist before leading the eyes to her curvy backside. In the front, it was cut just above her rounded boobs, with two thin straps disappearing over the shoulders. It was thigh high, as most of the dresses they chose had been.

Both Riley and Austin had giggled at the thought of Sir catching sight of her wearing this number.

Her shoes were silver sling backs with a four inch heel, matching the glitter of the dress.

She wore a matching silver necklace, and her hair was immaculate, as was her pretty make up.

Austin felt himself pushed up on to his own heels as Corbin rose from the sofa, raced two steps and grabbed the delectable hot wife.

They kissed and he pushed her back holding her bare shoulders to get a better take on her. “Wow. You are just too much!”

A delighted Riley twirled around, her hands parallel to the floor, giving a wiggle of her arse, inviting her lover to get an eyeful.

Corbin grabbed her again and squeezed her so hard she groaned. The Mistress caught the maid’s eyes, and Riley winked at her husband, as if to say, job done!

Austin smiled back at her thrilled he played a part in making her so sexy for the lout Corbin. He somehow shared her thrill.

For Corbin. His old school bully! Austin’s pleasure fell away into a dark remorse.

His wife’s eyes were now closed as she was being kissed hard by her man.

Jealousy and anger swept through Austin. She was so sexy and here he was, handing her on a plate to a guy who would never appreciate her beyond her tits and arse.

A pouting maid rolled her eyes and stormed out of the sitting room, heading to start her chores in the kitchen. The last sounds Austin heard were those of his wife groaning.

He started to crash the pans around in anger but found himself pausing near the sink. He arched his back, closed his eyes and felt the shame of his predicament overwhelm him, thrilling his little member held as a crushed prisoner in the chastity cage.

Curling his back, and letting his head fall back, he emitted a long moan, very similar to that of his Mistress.

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  1. Austin look hot and now trapped but he don’t understand yet as he like the dress wow great story

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