Austin and Riley Part 12


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Government Health Warning: this part of the story may well terrify the more sensitive sissies. It is advised to read this in a well-lit, airy room, with a dominant nearby to hold your hand and dry your tears. Therapists can prove expensive so please read slowly and do not be afraid to stop if at any time you feel narrative overwhelming you.

Austin had planned on making Parmentier potatoes to go with the steaks. They could be a bit fiddly, but with some rosemary for garnish and a little garlic for taste, they can look and taste wonderful. So he boiled the King Edwards, the best sort of floury potatoes for Parmentier. Not wanting to leave anything to chance he made a list of the order he would prepare the meal.

Despite his favourite, though embarrassing, over the shoulder apron, with the flouncy, feminine trim, protecting his salmon coloured maid’s uniform, Austin remained fearful he might end up with meat juices or fluids from the potatoes over his professional attire.

Occasionally he touched his little lacy hat into position, though it was pinned so firmly, it would have to be torn out.

Every so often a peal of shrill laughter from his wife, Riley, would break his concentration. How he wished he could watch the lovers, wasn’t that the best part of being a cuckold?

Yet, was there not also pleasure in standing, with his feet forcefully arched in his heels. Wearing stockings, suspenders and delicate panties he had bought earlier with his wife? He used his palms to press down the frilly, over the shoulder white apron against his salmon coloured hotel worker’s uniform. His corset gripped his waist with an unyielding hold, and his small boobs pushed up through the apron, giving him something of a rounded figure.

He groaned.

His hands ran down to the centre of the apron, and he rubbed until his little dick encased in the tight chastity felt the pressure.

More groaning.

With eyes lightly closed he felt the full experience of a submissive maid.

The door crashed open with wood striking wall and a shriek of a scream.

In shock, like suddenly waking from sleep, Austin turned to see his wife in her strikingly sexy silver dress, held in the arms of her lover. She was kicking her legs and laughing hysterically as her Bull, Corbin, carried her into the kitchen.

“Put me down,” she giggled.

Corbin, grinned showing his teeth.

“Hey maid,” he said, “we’re going upstairs for a bit. Your Mistress needs a good seeing to.”

Still laughing, Riley said, “Don’t be so vulgar.” She turned to her maid, “So put everything on hold for the moment. We’ll let you know when we’re coming down.”

Gripping one hand in the other, Austin squeaked, “Erm, may I watch, er, please?”

Corbin winced as if in apology, “Not yet maid. Let’s keep an eye on your behaviour for a couple of days? Yes? Good girls get treats.”

Speaking on a big intake of breath, Austin said, “Then please take off the chastity cage. Please. Oh please.”

Riley looked at her pleading, huge eyed maid and said, “Aw.” She kissed Corbin on his cheek. “Maybe we can do that? She was very good when shopping.”

Corbin’s wince intensified, adding lines of regretful pain around his face.

“I don’t know. Let’s see how she gets on. You don’t want to spoil her.” He appeared to have a revelation and stared so hard at Austin, that the cuck maid had to drop her gaze to the wooden floor. “Listen maid. I know it’s tough for you right now. It gets better. Honestly. I’ll introduce you to a couple of other sissy maids.” He laughed. “You’ll gossip away for hours. Let’s first see if we can get you to be a proficient, obedient maid. Then I’ll see about your rewards.”

Austin hated this. It was so unjust. “But, Sir ….” He couldn’t think of the words, so like many other sissy maids in his predicament he looked to his Mistress for some justice. “Miss, I have been locked up for two days now. This is third day! I am going to explode.”

It came as a shock to Austin to watch his wife adopt that fierce narrow eyed look, again. One that he had never seen before Corbin arrived, and one he just couldn’t get used to. It was scarily intimidating.

Riley said, “Don’t you dare show me up in front of Sir. I’ve a good mind to keep you locked in that stupid cage for a week! You always wanted it locked on and me to have the keys. Well, this is what it’s like!”

Austin’s hands came up to his face, so that the fingers were pressed against his lips in shock.

Corbin smiled and put Riley back onto her heels, “Hey listen. Let’s all calm down. Maid, come here!”

Corbin’s instructions were always issued in a relaxed measured tone, as if he expected to be obeyed.

He was pointing right in front of him, and as if a magnet was suddenly turned on, Austin found himself approaching to within a few inches of the brutally large man.

“Closer, maid,” Corbin said.

As Austin’s nose came within inches of the Bull’s shirt, he could smell that strange intoxicating musky scent. Austin felt Corbin wind both arms around him and hug him. Austin looked at his wife in shame. How would she feel to see him being mollified by a man?

But his wife still wore her enraged expression The eyes thin and dark.

“Now,” Corbin announced, tapping his palm firmly on the maid’s bottom, “I think we need a well behaved young lady to be our maid. Don’t you?” He didn’t pause for a response but carried on. “We expect our maid to be always well behaved. We don’t want you speaking back and certainly don’t want any bratty tantrums.” He eased the shaken maid from his body and directed his gaze hard into the eyes of Austin. “Are we clear on that?”

Austin found himself nodding slowly and staring at Corbin’s hefty chest.

“Good. I can see a well behaved little maid being released for a full half an hour in a couple of days’ time. How does that sound?”

Austin was flabbergasted. “A couple of days? Just half an hour?”

Now it was the turn of Corbin to adopt the hard facial countenance. “Couple of days. You don’t like that. How about three or four days? Maybe a week. How does that sound?”

Riley pressed herself under the arm of her Bull and shook her head at her cuck Hubbie. “Silly. Stop talking back. Sir won’t tolerate it and I hate it!”

This was absurd. Two further days, or even more, locked in this cage he would never survive. He had to speak up.

“Look, erm, Sir, Mistress. Ok, yes. I’m sorry … but, really I can’t … I mean another two days … I need to cum!”

Suddenly he was crying. He heard Riley emit another long ‘aw’, and both Sir and his Mistress hugged him into their arms.

Riley whispered, “You bring all this on to yourself. Aw, silly maid.” She looked up at her lover, “Perhaps a little play won’t hurt.”

Corbin grimaced, “No. you give them an inch and they will take a mile. A treat becomes an expectation rather than the reward for good behaviour it should be.”

“But, but, Sir,” Austin sniffed. “I can’t survive like this.”

“I have kept maids locked up for weeks. And they admit they are better for it. In fact, it will get to the stage where it will feel odd when you are no longer wearing a tight cage. One of my pal’s sissy maids has now been locked for over two months.”

“Two months!” Austin gasped. “That can’t be possible.”

An astonished Riley asked her lover, “Really? Two months?”

“Yeh.” Corbin spoke as if the entire affair was perfectly natural. “She tried to escape by ordering men’s clothes online and booking a hotel room. All with her master’s credit card. Obviously, my pal found out pretty quickly and put a stop to her crazy ideas. Her name is Tabitha. Hey, I tell you what, maid, why don’t we get her to call around here one evening., And you two can have a real natter.”

“Oh,” Riley said. “I’d love to meet Tabitha’s Mistress.”

“Then I’ll sort that out too.” He pushed Austin back a couple of steps. “Show me your chastity cage, maid.”

“What?” Austin stared with disbelief at the man of the house, Corbin, then at his Mistress.”

“You heard maid,” Corbin said with quiet threat. “And don’t think we aren’t counting the times you don’t address us properly.”

Austin turned his pleading eyes to his wife Riley.

All she said was, “Do as Sir tells you. I hate it when you are disobedient to him!”

Defeat. Nothing left to do other than to obey the instruction.

“Yes, Mistress.”

This was dreadful. He lifted up the front of the skirt, which was a lot tighter than the one with the porn maid’s uniform.

He stood with his pink, lacy panties and stocking tops on display, keeping his eyes closed to hide his shame.

“Pull down your panties,” Corbin said evenly, as if it were no big deal.

Austin complied, using his fingers to ease down the front of his panties.

“Yeh. Thought so.” Corbin wasn’t impressed. He said to Riley. “It’s just a cheap plastic knock off from China. The lock is generic so she can easily order another and the key from that will release it.”

Riley was angry, “Is this right, maid? Could you easily get a key for it?”

She could see from his shamefaced manner that it was indeed true.

Riley spoke barely moving her lips. “You think yourself lucky I don’t get some superglue and solve all your whining about being unlocked!”

Corbin grinned at the way Riley was dominating her dumb, sissy cuck of a husband. Another few days and she’d have no respect for Austin as a man at all. Then he could fuck the wife whenever he wished.

“Hey,” Corbin announced, “let us all chill here. Maid, while I take your wife upstairs and give her something you never could …”

Riley guffawed at that remark and Austin bowed his head.

“… you go down to my car. Get a sports bag off the back seat. Don’t look inside it, unless you want to join Tabitha in being locked for two full months.”

The Bull dropped his car keys on the kitchen table.

Austin had to take a step back. But he soon played the same trick that sissies often play on themselves. He made himself believe Sir was just teasing him.

So he said, “Yes Sir.”

Corbin swept a giggling Riley into his arms and gave her a playful squeeze. In turn she kissed her lover’s cheek.

Locking eyes with the defeated maid, Corbin asked Riley, “Could your husband carry you upstairs like this?”

If Austin was furious with the implied putdown, he was staggered to hear his wife laugh.

“Stop it,” she giggled.

As they went through the door, Corbin shouted back. “Don’t forget. Package. In my car. Fetch it.”

The last sight Austin had, was of his wife giving him a girly wave over the shoulder of her lover.

Austin was furious.

Didn’t they understand. He could not last another second in this chastity cage. That it was so unfair that they were having sex, and he wasn’t even permitted to watch!

He stomped his high heeled foot. As soon as they released him from the chastity, he would let them know exactly what he thought of them!

As his helplessness overwhelmed him, as he realised, he didn’t have a say in any of this, just like a real maid, his mind slipped away into giddy erotic buzzing.

He sat on a stool near the counter, his hand finding its own way beneath his skirt to rub at the outside of his silky panties.
He moaned and groaned and then his eyes opened with a start.

What if they only went up for a quickie? What if they were back down in a couple of minutes? They would discover him playing with himself rather than having obeyed Sir’s instruction of fetching the sports bag from his car.

He picked up Corbin’s keys and jogged as quickly as his three inch heels would allow to the front door.

Should he get his coat? What would Corbin and Riley say if they saw that he tried to cover himself with a coat. It wasn’t worth the risk of them having a further excuse to punish him. Surely Corbin’s story of the Tabitha cuck maid being locked in chastity for two months was just bullshit. Of course it was! That could never happen.

And yet …

It wasn’t worth the risk. Austin had always been impressed with how some men stuck so rigidly to their words come what may.

He opened the front door onto the cool late afternoon air. He could smell the sweet scent of the plants. A van with a faulty exhaust in the distance was all he could hear.

He stepped outside, pressing down his skirt to his suspenders. At least anyone who saw him would think he was a genuine maid in this uniform. It was a professional design you might see worn by staff in hotels. Rather than the bedroom styled maid’s uniform he had worn.

He crept to the edge of the hedge. From here he could see the huge bulk of Corbin’s Audi saloon behind Austin’s own electric Prius. Obviously, the bully didn’t care about the environment! Another reason to hate him.

No one was around. Kids were screaming their games in the distance but other than that, with the light fading he thought this a good moment to make his move.

He bleeped open the car, which responded by loudly unlocking, and its lights flashed

A final check up and down the street, and into the dark windows of houses that were facing his and, once he felt safe, he skipped down to the car, pulled open the heavy door and saw the sports bag. He stopped. The bag was so neat and wonderful. Neat leather coverings, with the name Hugo Boss tattooed in blue on the front.

How much does he pay for his kit bags?

A car rolled past the bottom of his drive, and Austin crouched down, feeling his stockinged legs pulled together by the tight skirt.

That was sufficient warning to even a silly air head maid like Austin. He grabbed the bag and pulled it off the seat. There was a sound of chains. What? Chains? In a kit bag?

And it was heavier than he thought too. He needed both hands to carry it up the incline of his drive to the grateful sanctuary of his front door.

Closing the door, he felt a wave of relief relax his entire body as he carried the sports bag into the sitting room and plopped it on the coffee table.

Again, he could hear a metallic clinking.

What on earth was Corbin keeping in his sports bag?

The zip lay flat on the top, enticing him to reach down and drag it open. He needed to see.

Just a swift action would reveal its contents.

His fingers inched towards the zipper when …


Corbin was standing in the doorway. He was minus his suit jacket and his clothes were ruffled as if he had dressed in a hurry.

Austin stood to attention, as he squeaked, “Sir, I didn’t open it. Honest!”

Riley appeared at Corbin’s side pulling down the hem of her short silver dress. Her hair which had been so immaculate less than five minutes ago was now a mess. She laughed. “Gotcha!”

“No. Mistress. Please. I didn’t touch it. I haven’t opened it. Really!”

For some odd reason his pleading made them both laugh.

Why did they always have to laugh at him?

His voice returned to normal. “Sir. I didn’t open it. Really.”

Corbin smirked in that ugly way he did when he got one over the maid.

“Dumb bitch. We were watching you from the bedroom window. While I gave your mistress the fucking she needed.”

Riley patted a finger on her pink lips, “We saw you, naughty maid.”

“No Mistress, I …”

Corbin said, “You left my car unlocked. Are you the dumbest motherfucking maid in the entire universe?”

Shock gripped Austin’s entire being. He left the car unlocked!

God, he had!

He was so desperate to get back inside that he had forgotten to secure Sir’s Audi.

Corbin took Riley under his arm, “Now then, what do we do with a naughty maid?”

Austin felt faint. His knees trembled. His mouth fell open into a pretty pink circle of sheer horror.


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