Austin and Riley Part 13




Austin was learning that Sissy maids feel at their most vulnerable when being admonished. It is very difficult to argue back when you know you are designed to appear sexy, submissive and objectified.

To counter any reprimand would simply add to your foolish appearance, after all, who would take you seriously?

At the opposite end of the scale, the dominants feel more powerful and in control when scolding. This brings out their most wicked sadism.

Corbin relished the squirming maid before him, with her plaintive eyes flicking back and fore between him and the maid’s hotwife, Riley.

Austin leaned forward as he said, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. Really. I …”

“Quiet maid,” Corbin said quietly. He was so much in control that he didn’t need to raise his voice.

“But, Sir,” Austin jabbered on, “honestly, I never leave cars unlocked. I don’t know what came over me. You just make me so flustered!”

Riley eyes became barely open shutters, “Maid. Don’t you dare blame Sir for your shortcomings. Now hush. Let’s hear what Sir has to say on the matter.” She shook her head, “I think we have heard quite enough from you!”

Austin hung his head, his sickening tummy revolving like a spin dryer.

“Thank you, maid,” Corbin said. “Now then. Did you deliberately leave my car unlocked?”

At last, a chance to put his side of the story.

“No. Sir. Really. Really! It wasn’t deliberate.”

Corbin was loving this. The maid had fallen headfirst into his elephant trap. “So you didn’t deliberately leave my car unlocked?”

The maid’s eyes wide with pleading. “No, Sir. Truly!”

Austin clenched his hands before his apron his entire demeanour desperate to say how he regretted his actions. At least now, Corbin would forgive him.

Riley smiled and looked up at her powerful lover. “Aw. Poor thing. She is so frightened. See, she didn’t leave your car unlocked on purpose.”

Knowing he wasn’t permitted to speak without being spoken to, Austin smiled lovingly at his wife for rescuing him. He was no longer feeling queasy.

“That’s good to hear,” Corbin announced to the room, as if he were a judge in a powerful high court. “Because it would be worse for you if you were naughty and deliberately left my car unlocked.”

A reassured Austin smiled at his former school bully and said, “Oh, no, Sir. I would never do that. Truly.”

Corbin studied the dumb cuck hard as he said, “So it happened because you are the dumbest maid in the world.”

Austin was shocked. Where had that come from? “Sir, no …”

“Girl,” Corbin said in his relaxed, at ease manner, “Either you did it because you were naughty, else you left my car unlocked because you are a dumb fuck. Which is it?”

Riley burst out with laughter, saying to her maid. “Well, tell Sir whether you are naughty or dumb.”

Wrapping his arm proprietorially around the cuck’s wife, Corbin said, “If you don’t answer by the time I count to five I will take my belt to your cute arse. Now. Are you naughty or dumb?”

Austin swallowed. He didn’t want to call himself dumb in front of his wife, but he didn’t want to be punished for saying he was naughty either.”

“One,” Corbin said.

Yet why was he aroused? Here he was helpless and at the mercy of the man who was screwing his wife, nevertheless he was stimulated in his chastity cage.


Worse, being aroused meant he couldn’t think straight. Naughty or dumb? Which could he admit to in front of his wife?


Riley’s eyes were locked on her fidgeting Hubby in his maid’s uniform. This wasn’t a game. Her maid was being forced to face a humiliating truth. Oh God, were her panties soaking at the sight of her powerful lover belittling her sissy hubby!


Austin’s mind searched for a way out. This was so unfair. He hadn’t really been dumb! It had just happened. Yet nor had he been naughty.

Corbin’s hands reached down to his belt buckle. “Five”

“Dumb, Sir!” Austin mumbled.

Corbin craned forward with his hand around his ear, “I cannot hear you maid.”

This was agony! Austin looked up at the ceiling noticing a crack near the lights.

“Dumb, Sir!”

Corbin said, “I thought so. So, tell your Mistress what you are.”

He wasn’t far from crying as he looked at his wife, with her mouth parted, her tongue tapping at her top lip, as he said, “Mistress, I am dumb.”

Austin felt his world fall apart and collapse to his heeled feet.

Trying to hide his triumphant grin, Corbin said, “and so dumb it took you an age to realise it.”

Austin maintained his gaze firmly on the floor, refusing to answer any more demeaning points from this dreadful bully. How could Corbin always be so much in control? How could he dominate him and his wife so effortlessly?

“Now then,” Corbin said, “What’s the best way to make a maid remember how dumb she is, so she thinks harder in future?”

Austin held his breath. Corbin’s musings were made in the way of a man who knows the answer to his own question. What awful fate would befall him?

Snaking an arm around his slut, Corbin said to her, “I told you to get him ruffled panties. Did you do it?”

Grinning, Riley said, “Oh we got some wonderful ones.”

Oh no! Though Austin loved the ruffled panties they bought earlier that day, he had told Riley he wouldn’t wear them in front of her lover. The shame would be crushing.

“With ruffles across the backside?” Corbin asked.

“Oh my God yes!” She said, her face open with delight. “I bet the maid would look delightful in them. There is one bubble gum pink set with loads of ruffles over the bottom.”

Corbin thought for a moment and said, “Maid, go and put on those panties and bring me two safety pins.”

A stunned Austin looked at his Mistress in hope.

“Maid,” Riley said, “be a good maid and do what Sir has instructed you to do.”

Walking slowly from the room in his heels, Austin paused at the door hoping for a reprieve.

He found only a suffocating silence.


The bag containing the more decorative panties was still sat on his bed, after their frantic shopping expeditions earlier that day.

There were a few pink ruffled panties amongst the haul, but he knew the ones his wife meant.  They were very much the most humiliating. He would love wearing them when masturbating, but he sure as hell did not want Corbin to see him wearing them.

But he was already in trouble for not locking Corbin’s car, so he had to obey, there was no other course of action.

He pulled down his tight white panties over the stocking tops and placed them on the bed. They were humbling enough as they were, but the ruffled ones were extremely childish. They were made of a pretty, bright pink silk. There were ruffled frills across the front, but over the backside there were six lines of ruffles, each more than an inch deep.

So it was that he pulled them up his stockinged legs over the suspenders to rest tightly against his groin and bottom.

In the full length mirror they looked amazing. He twisted on his heels to get a better sight of them and felt his dick inevitably swell in its confines and pulsate out precum.

Jeez. He just needed to cum.

A foolish notion took hold. Surely, now that Corbin knew he hadn’t been naughty, he wouldn’t punish him further. In fact, as he was going to wear the ruffled panties as instructed, perhaps Corbin would reward him by unlocking the cage. He would only require seconds to cum.

It was peculiar. He felt aware of the demeaning panties as he pulled down the maid’s skirt and searched in the drawers for the safety pins demanded of Corbin. The ruffled panties were certainly an item you couldn’t easily forget about wearing.

As he made his way slowly downstairs, he could hear his wife and her lover chatting merrily. Again, he tried to make out the words, but couldn’t. He was becoming a stranger in his own home. As if he truly was a domestic servant to the household.

As he opened the door, he felt his face flush hotter than he had ever known it. It was if every facial pore had opened up exposing him even more.

“Ah. You took your time maid,” Corbin said smugly.

“Sorry, Sir,” Austin said, keeping down his head.

“You have the safety pins, girl?” Corbin asked.

Without saying anything, Austin handed the Bull the two safety pins from the upstairs drawers.

“Good girl. Turn around.”


A perplexed Austin stared at Corbin before turning around slowly.

A fit of giggles escaped Riley as she said to her lover, “Oh, what are you up to. Are you going to be a meanie?”

The thought of the safety pins being stuck in his bottom filled Austin with dread. Surely, he couldn’t be that cruel?

“Good girl,” Corbin said as Austin dutifully turned to put his back to him.

These were words which usually aroused the sissy maid, as they would any sissy maid, but Austin was so fearful of those sharp pins that his little dick shrivelled in its confines.

Corbin said, “Now lift up the back of your dress. Show us your cute panties.”

Riley laughed. “Sir! You are being a meanie.”

So the one fear Austin had, of Corbin seeing him wearing these silly, but sexy, ruffled panties was about to come true.

“Sir, please. I am so sorry about not locking the car …”

“So you do want me take my belt to you?”

“No Sir!”

Actually, Austin had always tried to get Riley to spank him hard as part of the maid games, and her reluctance was very exasperating.  Yet the thought of his wife’s lover beating him with a belt was quite simply too much for him to contemplate.

This time Corbin’s tone was firmer, “Then skirt up!”

Reaching down to grip the hem of his hotel maid’s skirt, Austin slowly pulled it up over his stockings. He spent as long as he could hoping that Corbin or Riley would have mercy on him. By the time it slipped over his stocking tops he steeled himself for the exposure of the ruffled panties.

The rear hem of the skirt reached his waist, and all the frills of the pink panties were on display. Austin could only close his eyes against the shame.

He heard his wife giggle, “Oh, maid. They are totally, absolutely, adorable!”

Corbin said, “You both did well choosing these. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you bought. Now, maid, it is such a pity to keep those hidden under that skirt isn’t it.”

Austin clamped his eyes fully shut. When would his ordeal end?

“Maid,” Riley said, “Sir has asked you a question!”

Austin groaned and said, “I’m happy keeping the skirt over them, Sir.”

“Oh no, no.” Corbin said opening the safety pins, “such delights ought never be hidden.”

Austin could feel something happening just above his bottom. What was Corbin doing?

A loud Riley laugh. “Oh Sir, that is so cruel!”

“Turn around, maid,” Corbin said.

Austin turned slowly on his heels to face the grinning Corbin and his blushing wife. Riley wore an embarrassed smile, her eyes appearing to be sympathetic.

“Bring your hands to the front,” Corbin said.

With relief, Austin did so, clasping them before his apron. Oddly, the rear of his skirt didn’t fall down over his panties.

Then the realisation.

The safety pins!

Corbin had secured the rear of the dress above the panties, putting his frilly pantied bottom fully on display!

The Bull’s smug smile was fixed, “Now then maid. Here are my car keys. Be a good girl and go out and lock the car doors.”

What? Austin’s tummy span. He felt breathless.

Outside? Dressed like this, with his ruffled panties on display?

An idea!

Austin managed to meet the superior gaze of his tormentor as he said. “Sir I can close your car from inside the house.”

The Bull’s smile didn’t even twitch. “Ah, but maid, I want you to check every single door and the boot, to ensure they are locked.”

“But if the car is locked …” Austin left the words hang in the air, noting the concerned look on his wife’s face. He surely had an ally in Riley, his own wife?

“Let me help you understand this better, maid,” Corbin said. “I could take my belt to you, say, I don’t know, give you six swats and then send you out to the car. Or, and this is what I am thinking, you could be a good girl and do it all by yourself without the spanking.”

Austin’s stared at his wife, “Mistress. People might see me!”

Seeing her husband’s distress made her tummy feel warm. He looked so gorgeous and helpless in his new hair style and wide brimming, eyes.  Made more exciting by the knowledge that at the rear his ruffled panties were there for all to see. Like a show.

Yet, Riley didn’t want her husband to know she wasn’t being loyal to him, so she looked up at her lover. “Sir? What do you think?”

“I think, if you really want to be Mistress of the house, and have your very own obedient maid, then there are times when you have to be firm with her. You don’t want her to think she can get one over on you, do you?”

No, she did not! She saw the maid in a new light. As a person who was somehow trying to compete against her.

“You heard Sir,” she said forcefully to her terrified maid. “Now do as you are told and stop embarrassing your Mistress!”

Was those tears in the maid’s eyes as she whined, “But please Mistress.”

“The longer you dilly dally here,” Riley said, “the longer it is going to take.”

Sissies are famous for their foolishness, their ability to make a difficult situation even worse. Emotions overrun what little logic remains in their fluffy heads, and words emerge that are as ludicrous as they are naughty.

Austin, sniffed up some tickling tears, folded his arms beneath his budding breasts created by the corset and announced with as much defiance as a sissy maid could offer: “I am not going outside. I am not going to be the maid any longer. This is all over. And it is over right now.”

There is a sound a belt makes when it is being slid at speed from the waistband loops. It is a sharp swishing sound that becomes higher pitched as it reaches the belt last loop. Sissy maids quickly learn to fear the sound.

Corbin wrapped the buckle part about his hand in a single movement that demonstrated he had completed this action many times before.

Riley gasped, the fingers of both hands rising to her astonished mouth.

Austin froze. His muscles froze. His mind froze. His entire world froze.

With the merest whip movement of the wrist, Corbin sent the free end of the belt circling around the maid’s hips to slap against her pantied buttocks.

The first sting doesn’t hurt. It never does. The shock of the moment drowns it. It is the second that unleashes the squeal. And that was expertly inflicted around the other side of the maid onto her other cheek.

Again, experienced maids understand that the process is repeated until the dominant male attains what he wants. Of course, for less experienced sissy maids, the realisation takes a little longer to be realised.

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