Austin and Riley Part 14





For Corbin, inflicting pain on a dumb sissy cuck is the height of his power.

For sure spanking the wife, to establish dominance is erotic and, just as importantly, fundamental to the dynamic of their relationship. To spank the wife in front of the husband has the satisfying development that the cuck realises his wife now belongs to another man. A man who can punish her when he wishes.

This is not lost on the wife whose submission to her Bull becomes deeper.

But it is the first time a cuck is punished that establishes the new paradigm of the household. To simply spank a Hubbie for erotic dom/sub fun is fine. But that moment when the Hubbie is actually punished by the Bull before the wife, for short comings, establishes the Bull at the top of the pyramid in the eyes of both hubby and wife.

Once it occurs, there is no exit from that development. The couple have to face their new futures.

Austin had not even backed away from the whipping he was receiving. Corbin simply launched his belt around the maid’s hips to strike at each buttock in turn.

The stinging sensation was dreadful. Like no pain Austin had experienced before.

“Ow! Please!”

Each impact gave forth a satisfying twin sound of an almighty slap and a girly squeal.

Corbin moved around to the back of the maid, where the flouncy panties were still on full display, from having the dress pinned up above them.

Now Austion did step forward. A couple of times he dropped his hands over his backside to prevent the stinging blows. But the strikes against the backs of his hands, followed by a string of whippings to his upper thighs, ended that futile attempt at defence.

“Please, stop!”

Austin moved forwards but his heels prevented any serious attempt at an escape.

Not once did Corbin miss his chosen target of the twin, inviting rounded buttocks.

Like a child, Austin was learning his lesson. The punishment, as spankings always do, was making him aware of his naughtiness. As the tears dribbled down his cheeks so he realised that this would not stop until he obeyed Sir and locked Sir’s car.

The hotwife, Riley, stood, in her sexy short silver dress, that melted around her curves, with her fingers still fixed to her lips.

It was as if all were natural. Somehow right. Why shouldn’t her lover spank her hubby when he was being so naughty? It all made sense.

Also, it made her so hot that her brain was melting. She needed to get this alpha male deep inside her. In fact, she was already close to cumming. She could feel the tingling around her clitoris.

“I’ll do it. I’ll do it!” Austin raised the keys of Sir’s Audi from the coffee table and held them to demonstrate he was acquiescing.

He thought that action alone would stop the punishment, but Corbin, machine like, was unrelenting in his capacity to find Austin’s bottom with unerring accuracy.

The belt continued to snake to the maid’s exposed buttocks.

In a flight of squeals, and those silly short steps girls have to take when trying to move quickly in heels, Austin was running down the hallway.

Without any great hurry, Corbin followed, his eyes fixed on the ruffled, pink panties. The tip of the belt continuing to locate its sore, reddening target.

Within moments a blubbing Austin was stood outside his own front door, just beside the hedge hiding him from the road. His bottom was stinging so badly he had to gather the courage to try and rub it. Yet each touch made it feel worse.

The chill of the afternoon had little impact on the agonizing heat of his rear, but made him feel very much aware of the gap between his stockings and his panties.

It was so unfair. Austin was always going to go outside and close the car doors before checking them – at least that is what his foolish mind now told him.

In the front window Corbin stood, with his one arm around Riley, squeezing her bare shoulders under his arm. Her eyes here hooded, half shut, as if sleepy, her pink lip sticked mouth forming a perfect ‘O’ shape as she looked down on her maid holding the car fob.

Austin wasn’t able to catch the eyes of Corbin, in fact he was convinced he would never again be able to look at him in the eyes ever again. A sharp wind caught the exposed thighs and cheeks, where the skirt had been pinned up, exposing the panties.

He of course didn’t dare remove the safety pins from the skirt and let it drop down for any level of modesty or warmth. He didn’t realise it, sissy maids during their training don’t, but already he was learning of the peaceful sanctity of obedience.

With his senses on full alert, he ventured slowly forwards on his heels to the end of the hedge, and the dreaded view down the drive way to the street.

The Audi was facing towards the house, so the boot was facing the street. He closed his tear strewn eyes, wanting to blub some more. Far down the road at the bus stop there were three people, standing, huddled from the cold. Other than that, the street appeared clear.

Swallowing he clicked the close button and heard the satisfying clunk of the car sealing itself.

Now he had to check the doors were actually closed, as instructed by Corbin. He kept the car between him and the three people at the bus stop. Walking down slowly, knowing that as long as he faced the road no one could see that his ruffled panties were on display.

He pulled on the driver’s door. It was secure. He walked down to the rear driver’s side door, but as he was about to check it, he heard the rattling engine of a car.

He screamed turned to head back up the drive, but then realised his panties would be exposed the to the street, so he raced, backwards in his heels up the driveway.

Corbin laughed out loud. There was nothing funnier than a sissy cuck making a complete tit out of himself – except when it was happening in front of the aroused and amused wife!

As he laughed, Riley stood on her toes and kissed around his mouth, as if patting him.

Her voice was hoarse. “I need you. I need you inside me. I need you now.”

“You supervise your maid doing her job. Then I’ll treat you like the mindless slut you really are.”

Her pussy melted from his attitude and words as she gripped him tighter from a craving deep within her.

He heard her mutter, “Oh God.”

But the events outside the window were too amusing to ignore.

The sissy maid now had to check the boot and the other doors.

Austin was shaking. He desperately needed to lower his skirt at the back. He stepped down the drive, his eyes and ears fixed for anything that might come by and witness his mortification.

He could keep his front facing the bus stop people but he knew that he was exposed if anyone came along from the other direction.

The boot was locked. He sighed with relief, walking slowly up the other side, keeping his uncovered rear facing the car. Had one of the people at the bus stop noticed him? Was it in his imagination or were they staring in his direction.

Keeping his panties to the car he took another few steps and tried the front passenger door.


Chore completed.


“Hey sexy. Nice knickers!”

Where had they come from? Two willowy male teenagers in hoodies at the bottom drive laughing at him.

Austin screamed.

The two guys laughed.

“Hey babe, come down here. Give us a show!”

With all rational thought beyond him, rather than turning to face them, hide his panties, then back up the drive, he turned to run up it. Thus fully exposing himself to his tormentors.

The guys cheered. Austin saw that the three people at the bus stop were now motioning each other to take a look at the sight a few doors down.

A crying Austin raced around the hedge and banged on the front door with both fists.

“Please. Please. Let me in. Please.”

The door opened and a grinning Corbin said, “Dumb bitch you hadn’t locked the front door when you went out. It was open!”

Now feeling totally stupid, humiliated and defeated, the maid pushed inside using his hands to cover his embarrassed face.

Corbin closed and locked the door, still grinning. “Poor maid. So unlucky to have been seen.”

Riley embraced her shaking maid.

“Aw, poor thing.” She gave her distraught maid a squeeze and said, “Now maid. Thank Sir for your punishment.”



Austin stared at his wife. She was so sexy. Why had he let this bully have her?

Then, that moment Austin felt he could never get used to: where his wife’s face hardens, and the eyes become dark warning slits.

“I said thank Sir, for your lesson!”

With his distress and tears he mumbled a damp, “Thank you Sir for my lesson.”

“No!” Riley didn’t want Sir to think that the maid could get one over on her. “Be clear and look at Sir when you thank him.”

This was too much. He coughed up more tears but looked up at the sneering man as he said, “thank you Sir for my lesson.”

And then, unbelievably, he actually came into his chastity cage. It was three or four spurts, that made him groan like a slut in need. Two more spurts followed before he could catch his breath.

Corbin laughed. “She’s coming like a complete slut.”

Riley gasped and laughed. “Oh maid! You’re a bigger tramp than me!”

Shame froze his mind. “Mistress … Mistress. I am so, sorry!”

She took a step to her shaking maid, wrapped her arms about his waist and pulled him so tight to her that she could feel his hot tears against her cheek.

“Nothing to be sorry for, maid. I am pleased for you.” She hugged him tighter, wanting to absorb him entirely into herself. “I love my silly maid.”

Corbin has wicked thoughts the way most men think about football or food. And one horrible, sadistic thought arrived fully thought out in his mind.

“Hey,” he said, as he looped his belt back into its slots. “As a present for your maid, how about we let him shag you?”

Riley was so shocked she laughed.

“I mean it,” the Bull said, with what he hoped was a warm smile.

“You mean,” she lowered her voice, releasing her maid, “Actually let him cum inside me?”

“Exactly. You two go upstairs. I just want to get a couple of items from my sports bag.”

Riley and Austin exchanged a look of wide eyed disbelief. Where had that come from?

Austin leaned close and said, “Please say yes Mistress,”

Again that feeling of warm power in her tummy. Her maid hubby had to ask her permission to make love to her. And even then, it could only be under the instruction of her Bull.

Riley smiled up at her lover, “Yes. I think that will be a wonderful reward for my maid.”

As you may have already thought, nothing was further from Corbin’s mind than a reward for the dumb fuck of a cuck maid. Just more humiliation to further bury him into his new role in his wife’s eyes.




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