Jordan’s Diary entry 07


Two major events to report in the days following Christmas, one amazingly cool and the other distinctly less so.

The cool event came one evening when after a few glasses I left Blair in front of the tv while I went up and played with the cb6000. Chloe was out at her friend’s home. There had been the usual fuss about what she thought she was going to wear. In the end, after a lot of squealing, she changed out of the shorts and tights and into her jeans. Though the jeans were so tight they hugged her curves. When it comes to her figure she halocked 01s developed so much in the past year that I am not sure I can see much difference between her and Blair.

Having not had a chance to wear the cage for almost a week my head disappeared into subspace the moment I locked it on. This will sound crazy but when I put it on it feels so natural and comforting, as if it should always be there.  I know others feel it too, I have read it on their blogs. Like it lives there, like I am undressed without it. I wished at that moment that I could keep it locked on forever.

As many of you know when a sub is aroused it is when they are at their most vulnerable. It is when we need direction from a dom. The idea hit me as a fully formed plan.

I lay there fantasying about the keys being in Blair’s bag when she was in work when I realised the answer!

I would approach Blair and simply ask her to take a key to work with her. She knows about my fetish and we are feeling very close right now – even though we don’t seem to want each other sexually.

I pulled on my pants and crept downstairs. Blair was staring vacantly at the tv drowsy from the wine.

“Darling?” I said.

She answered as if from far away. So I quickly asked if she would do me a favour. My breathing became very shallow and my voice high pitched.

She smiled a dreamy “yes, sure.”

‘You know those cock cages I mentioned. The chastity belts …”

She sighed. “Yeh, yeh , go on.”

“Well I was wondering, if ….”

I couldn’t speak, she cocked her head to one side, inviting me to continue.

“ …well I can understand if you say no but …”

“Yes?” She was now awake and irritated, like her evening had been spoiled.

“If you could take the key to work one day. Just once. Just so I can see what it would be like to be truly helpless.”

She winced. She found my predilections somewhat unsavoury. “How would you be truly helpless?”

“Because I couldn’t take it off.”

“She furrowed her brow.

sexy girl2
Nothing to do with the diary entry, just would be shame not to show you what I aspire to look like.

“Look I’ll show you.”

I know she was going to say stop but I had already lowered my trousers and boxers.  She stared with wide open eyes at my groin and the CB6000.

I waited for a reaction.  She wiggled to the edge of the sofa to get a better look. “Oh!”


She laughed. “I thought it would be like those chastity belts you see in museums. A huge metal thingee. That’s so small.” Then she giggled. “I don’t mean what’s in it, I mean the cage thingee.”

“It is the small size. The big one is too clumsy.”

She nodded and leaned closer, delicately lifting up the lock with her fingers. “Does it hurt?”

“It pinches sometimes but I think I have got it about right  now.”

“And it cannot come off?”

“Only by unlocking it.”


I guess you are thinking that I was swollen and excited by now, but I was so nervous that I think my dick actually shrank as she played with the clear plastic container!

She laughed. “You are a pervy Sod. Ok I’ll think about it.”

I pulled up my pants. “Thanks love.”

“I said I’ll think about it. I don’t want you going on about it.”

So that was the cool event. I’ll tell you about how I brilliantly upset the apple cart next time.

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