Jordan’s Diary entry 08



And this was the less cool event …

I had told you about how well things were going through Christmas and straight afterwards. Blair had bought me a sexy pair of panties and had agreed to take the key of my cb6000 to work with her.

We were sat at the kitchen table with coffees going through the fancy dress catalogue Blair had picked up for the New year’s eve bash. Blair loved going to fancy dress in sexy outfits though always wanted reassurance from me.

“Am I too old? Mutton dressed as lamb?”

“No!” I would honestly say. Blair’s figure was superb and she had gorgeous legs with, more importantly, a sexual confidence to show it all off.

Chloe was enthusiastic too. I thought she would turn her nose up at her mum going in a revealing outfit yet they were running through the sexy outfits at the rear of the booklet.

We were all chuckling when I pointed out the maids outfit for her. Waspishly Blair said that maybe I ought to get it! Chloe thought this was hilarious. They burst into fits of laughter and I was totally pissed off.

Blair was looking at me in her naughty, knowing way. All I could think of was: how could she bring this up in front of our daughter? Of course she knew I would love to wear the damned maid’s outfit. I had pleaded with her for years to let me.

So I got a little aggravated. Then Chole steamed in with “Go on dad, go on!”

Immediately I sent her to bed for being stupid.

Blair said I should calm down, they were only joking. I knew I was being an idiot but I couldn’t stop myself. I barked at Blair and then told Chloe it  was time for bed!

For the first time in our marriage Blair stood up for Chloe. She sat up straight in her chair glaring at me, defying me to continue.  “Dad, it is only 9.30. We were only teasing.” Then she grinned. “Come on. So what am I going to wear?”

But the mood had been broken – by me of course. I stormed off. My daughter should go to bed when I send her. I stupidly thought she would go after I left but I could hear them chatting for some time. Soon the chatting turned back into giggling.

In the end I went to bed alone and waited for Blair to come up so I could give her a piece of my mind. But she and Chloe waltzed up the stairs well after eleven and she didn’t even call into our bedroom. I heard the guest bedroom door close and a little later after bathroom visits all the lights went out.

I lay in bed thinking about the maid’s outfit. There were a few maid’s uniforms in the catalogue but the one I liked was strappy, as opposed to having sleeves. Its pinny started at the breasts and then slimmed to the waist before flowering out around the flared skirt. I closed my eyes thinking about it on me. With my cb6000 of course! Stockings and heels with a blond wig.
I thought of being tricked into serving everyone at the party. Carrying a tray of drinks and all and sundry knomaid 02wing it was me. I grew hotter and hotter until I pictured Morgan Hopkins commanding me to get more drinks while he and Blair disappeared onto the balcony to embrace.

The complete sissy, chastity, cuckold fantasy.

I groaned and played until I came in to my handkerchief.

In the morning I sheepishly joined the girls in the kitchen for toast and coffee. I felt like an idiot. I had put my foot down and had not got my way with my own daughter. I guess in one of my fantasies that would have been a hot notion, but now I just felt like a fool.

“You ok with me in the Burlesque outfit?” Blair asked.

“Sure yeh. You’d look good in that.”

“Great. And you? “

I was expecting them to suggest the maid’s outfit again but no one did. My face even flushed as I waited for their teasing.

“I dunno, what do you think? The pirates rig again?”

Blair wrinkled her nose. You wore that last year. But ok. I’ll see what they have.”

“Sure,” I said.

Blair put the fancy dress booklet onto the counter near the fridge and asked Chloe: “you coming? We could get lunch afterwards.”

“Love it!” Chloe said. “I need shoes for my party.”

“Deal,” said Blair.

They left chattering away like the best of friends. That isn’t always so between them! As I heard the car start up I picked up the catalogue and flicked quickly to the maid section. There were a number of outfits but my strappy one stood out. It was so hot.

I knew they would be a few hours so took a chance and went upstairs to get the CB2000 and a short slip that felt like a little maids dress. I slipped into dreamland.
maid 07

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