When Maids and Mistresses Collide

The relationship between husband and wife obviously changes drastically as soon as it becomes Mistress of the House and sissy, chastity belted maid.


1 When matters get really heated the wife’s lover will have to make a point from time to time.

Maid & Mistress 2436


2 Often the wife and sissy learn new ways to show love and affection

Maid & Mistress 2454


3 The maid must be patient as the wife masters the art of leading with a leash.

Maid & Mistress 2459


4 The time all maids fear, when the wife becomes the mistress of the house and wishes to make a point.

Maid & Mistress 2457

5 The ritual ‘look but don’t touch’ scene that torments chastity belted maids.

Maid & Mistress 2452

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