Austin and Riley Part 19






There may come a time in every sissy’s life when they realise that they are in the centre of a predicament that they have created but cannot control.

So it is with Austin right now, as he stands uneasily in what had been his and his wife’s master bedroom, but had become his wife and her Bull’s bedroom.

He stood in his heels, with his relentlessly gripping basque with the decorative frills, the black stockings, heels, and tungsten chastity cage. Similarly attired to his wife, and both had been instructed to remove their tiny mesh panties by the Bull, Corbin.

And now, with triumph, the Bull was brandishing a black dildo sitting in a squat base.

Austin’s wife simply stared at the object, having never before seen one quite like that. She had asked Austin to purchase her one to help her achieve orgasms when they were making love. But that was a simple short pole, whilst this was moulded to resemble a cock. A black cock. A firm, hard black cock complete with twisty veins.

“Turn one of those upright wooden chairs around so it fully faces the mirror, maid,” Corbin said in his usual relaxed tone. He knew that after the caning over the same chair, Austin wouldn’t dare disobey him.

Austin pulled the chair slightly to one side and turned to stare at the object, whose base was now being pushed into his face by his wife’s lover. There was a black sucker, just millimetres from his lips.

“Lick it bitch,” Corbin commanded.

Austin did so, his tongue tasting the sour plastic.

“Again, maid,” Corbin said. “Do it properly. I want it as wet as your Mistress’ cunt.”

Austin hated the foul language and knew Riley would be upset by the uncouth Bull, but fearing further punishment, he licked the rubber with great vigour, until his spittle shone under the bedroom light.

Riley squeezed herself tighter under Sir’s arm, relishing being held by this powerful man as her husband was reduced to suffer indignity after indignity. She felt sympathy for her husband’s constant relegation, and it made her feel ashamed, how could her husband let this happen. Yet it also aroused her.

Little did the innocent wife know, that as humiliating as it was for Austin to be dressed in this way, and to obey the man who was screwing his wife, his sissy brain was almost comatose with conflicting pleasure at his humiliations.

Part of him wished it were otherwise, that he could behave like a man and call a halt to the continuous mortifications, but his dick filled his tight, tungsten chastity cage and his sissy brain was awol with pleasure and arousal.

In a single sweep of his arm, the Bull planted the dildo, on the wooden chair surface so that the rubber sucker stuck tightly to it.

Releasing the hot, melting wife, Corbin stepped over to his mysterious dark, sports bag and returned with a long thick white tube. He pulled off the cap and smeared its contents over the tip of the dildo, so that the thick gooey substance clung to the plastic, black phallic representation.

“Okay, maid,” Corbin smirked, making Austin feel sick. “Sit on my toy.”

Taking in the size of the phallic object Austin cowered.

“Sir, please it’s too big.”

Corbin’s response was a simple short, unpleasant laugh.

Seeing that his Mistress was staring in shock at the dildo, Austin said to her, “Please, Mistress. Tell Sir it is too big.”

As ever with Mistresses in this predicament, Riley wanted to protect her maid, but also relished the thought of him sitting down on it and following her lover’s instructions.

Looking up at her grinning Sir, “Perhaps it is a bit big for her, Sir?”

She asked it as a question, as she desperately wanted to see her maid take it inside herself.

“Na,” Corbin, shook his head with amused disdain. “You sluts are always like that. Moaning it’s too big, but desperate to take it inside yourselves. Remember you, on our first time? You saw my dong and telling me you could never take anything that size?”

Why was everything Sir said such an insult to Austin. Sir was unusually big, that was for sure, but it was horribly debasing the way he kept referring to the difference in their sizes.

For her part, Rily’s cheeks grew dull pink, and she giggled, her tongue touching her top lip.

After kissing her lover’s hairy cheek, she said, “But I was so aroused. You make me so wet.”

“Feel your maid,” Corbin said, “give her a rub between her legs.”

Gasping with amused shock, Riley pushed out her fingers and rubbed her hubby’s tiny metal cage.

“Oh my God,” She shrieked. “My maid is so fucking wet!”

With a dismissive shrug of his naked shoulders, Corbin said, “Of course she is. You two have a lot in common.” He needed her to see that her hubby was less of a husband and more of a dumb slut, like her.

That dark mocking grin returned as he said to the nervous maid, “There you go, maid. Now sit on it like the good girl I know you can be.”

The words ‘good girl’ had long lost their ability to excite Austin, though his entrapped dick pulsated and emitted a short stream of pre cum at the words.

The Bull took a small step forward knowing his sheer mass would intimidate the sissy cuck.

“Of course maid, I could always pick you up and impale you on it.”

“No!” Austin’s eyes were fully round with fear, though he dared not look at his tormentor.

How hard could it be to sit down on it?

He stepped to the front of the chair, placed his hands on the seat and gently lowered himself.

In the mirror’s reflection he could see his tormentor grinning so wide that his teeth showed.

His Mistress’ attention was totally fixed on his actions as his bottom touched the cold fluid on the dildo.

Surely Sir would call all this off. Hadn’t Austin demonstrated that he was willing to obey Sir and sit on the object?

Austin made a pitiful face to Sir. “Please Sir, must I?”

“You want it, you slut,” he said. “Now get it in your tight hole.”

Using his shaking arms for support, Austin pressed his rectum on the gooey mess. Thankfully it resisted penetration.

“Sir,” Austin said, with relief, “It is too big. It won’t go in.”

Releasing the engrossed wife, Corbin bent over the alarmed maid, ruffling his pixie haircut.

“Babe. The first time is the same for all you girls. You always claim it’s too big.” He flicked up his eyes to Riley, “Isn’t that right, slut?”

She replied hoarsely as if her voice had been lost. “Oh, yes Sir.”

“So be a big girl, just press down. Do it gently. That’s it. And again.”

As he obeyed his tormentor Austin felt his hole open a little.


Corbin laughed, his voice still encouraging and gentle. “Good girl. Go on press harder, like the slut you really are.”

Oddly, a sudden urge to please this uncouth bully of a man overwhelmed the hapless sissy. He found himself settling further down on the plastic intruder. The cold wetness pushed further up his bottom.

Suddenly …


Austin looked up in shock at the Bull and everyone in the room knew that he had accepted the bulbous end of the invader into himself.

“Push down, slut,” Corbin said, quietly, encouraging the shocked sissy.

“It’s … it’s too … big …”

Of course Austin was receiving the rounded, bulbous head of the dildo which would push him wider, ready to easily accept the next long section. But he and his bum didn’t yet know that the first, large part was the most difficult.

“Sir, I … I can’t … do … it ….”

“Sure you can, maid,” Corbin said with a warm smile. “Just one more big push.”

The unrelenting dildo grew painfully large, and just as Austin was about to give up, stand, and beg for forgiveness, the rounded end filled him and plopped deeper inside. How his winking rectum gripped at the pole part of the plastic cock, just as a woman’s pussy grabs at the shaft of a genuine penis.

For Riley this felt like a shared experience. She recognised the conflicts in her maid’s face. The fear and the excitement.

She crouched down next to her maid and kissed his forehead, feeling the sticky sweat on her lips.

“Oh my, maid. I am so proud of you.”

Riley felt tears of joy sting his eyes. His Mistress was so genuine with her words.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Push down on the shaft, bitch,” Corbin said, anxious that he didn’t lose the initiative to these two dumb sluts. “There’s a surprise for you.”

Riley grinned at her lover, “And what’s that, Sir?”

Corbin felt his dick engorge and float up so it stuck out at right angles. He would love to spurt his juice over both of them right now. Another sign of his ownership.

He said, “’cos sissies have their G spot in their arseholes. So when they get fucked with cocks, they cum like the sluts they really are. They cannot help themselves. It just happens.”

Austin had heard about the male G spot being inconsiderately located in the back passage, but had never before tried to locate it.

“Now maid,” Corbin maintained, his pleasant reassuring tone, “when you feel the dick hit your spot I want you to say, ‘yes’, like the good girl I know you can be.”

Austin nodded, not sure how he’d know when his G spot was touched by the trespasser in his back passage.

Riley put her fingers lightly onto her lips, astonished at the sight of her husband rising and falling on the dildo under the precise instructions of her lover.

The uncomfortable experience for Austin was made worse by having to perform this humbling experience before his wife. He’d always fantasised about dildos, but never wanted to use one in front of his wife.

The shame was mitigated by the fact he was obeying Corbin, like all sissies the instructions of a firm dominant overruled any sense of shame. At least the embarrassment was still felt, but the sissy’s need to comply over rules any hesitation.

Right now though, the dildo was filling him, and the bulbous end made it difficult to slip it out, as if it was trapped inside him.

“Just slowly,” Corbin, said, in that even commanding, somehow comforting tone of his.

Riley pressed herself up against the strong naked Bull, seeking support. The sight of her husband riding the dildo before her was so shocking yet so thrilling, that her legs were growing shaky.

And suddenly, from nowhere, there it was.

A brief spark of electric that Austin felt as the rounded end of the dildo struck a spot.

It was like pushing an internal pleasure button.


His shocked eyes stared at Corbin as if for explanation for the tiny explosion of arousal.

Then …

“Oh!” again.

Corbin said, “Good girl, clever girl. And what do you say?”

This time as he pressed down, Austin knew the point would be pressed by the dildo and. As instructed, said, “Yes.”

“Faster, slut. Be the slut you really want to be,” the Bull said with a dark grin.

By now, the continued impacts on his G spot were fucking away Austin’s senses. He was robotic in his actions. He quickly learned that by arching his back he could increase the exciting effect of the knob end on his sensitive spot.

His eyes closed. “God, yes. Yes. Oh. Oh my God, yes …yes …”

Riley was shaken. “Sir, that is like me, when you are having me.”

Corbin needed to rub this in, she must never see her chastity locked, sissy cuck as a man again.

“You got it, slut, “he smiled at her. “You two have so much in common.” He kissed her hair, and she melted into his hardening embrace. “Look at your maid. Watch her perform on a cock. When ever she denies she is a dumb slut, like you, you remember this sight. Picture her performing exactly like the wanton slut she really is.”

Austin’s head lolled back, eyes closed. “Yes. Oh yes. Yes. My God!”

Suddenly he spurted like a fountain, through the bars his chastity cage.

His motions became faster as his body possessed a motion of its own.

The Bull laughed, saying to Riley, “Run your fingers under the maid’s sissy dicklette. Go on. See how wet it is.”

Like Austin, she had an irresistible compulsion to obey the imposing, dominant male.

Unsure if she had said, “Yes, Sir,” she dragged her fingertips beneath the unforgiving tiny tungsten cage. As minutes earlier, when she performed the same action, she knew it was going to be wet, but was shocked to now find it soaking.

She wiped her fingers clean on her husband’s exposed soft thigh above the stocking tops and stepped back into the arms of her lover wondering who was more wet between the legs, she or her hubby.

Corbin whispered into her ear, confident that the dumb sissy cuck was too brain dead to hear. “There’s a strap-on in my bag. Use it on your maid. Give her hell and watch her perform for you.”

And at that moment, Riley lost it. Her body was not hers. She gripped the rough cheeks of her lover and she rose up on her tiptoes to gnaw at his face.

“Fuck me. Please. Please.”

Corbin’s dick thickened into one of those erections that’s so full it hurts.

He lifted her up off her heels and threw on the bed.

Austin became aware of the movement in the room, and sleepily stopped riding the dildo to watch as the Bull took his wife on his former marital bed as if she were a mindless, hungry slut.

Pressing down, slowly Austin ensured that the knob hit his G-Spot. It was an addiction.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

He said this at the same time as Riley spoke exactly the same words, in exactly the same brain-dead manner. Both sluts lost in erotic lust. Both out of control and helplessly in need of satisfaction.

Nastily, Corbin took hold of the wife’s chin, “watch your bitch of a maid perform as you perform for me.”

Her hooded, half closed eyes, could barely take in much that made sense, but suddenly she and her maid’s locked together.

“Oh Mistress,” Austin said raspingly. “I’m yours!”

And she smiled at him, before looking up at her triumphant lover saying, “And I’m yours!”


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