Yet more kind hearted volunteers

These ladies are opening a Club Zero 9 near you, even as I speak.


And don’t be disappointed that you are too weak minded to apply for a post. Many of their victims, er, pupils, were enrolled by the pupils own wives. All the wife and her lover need do is deliver the silly hubbie to the front desk and then they will be trapped by their own hot needs. Never fails.


And, erm, just as a word of advice. Please don’t complain to the teachers and staff about any punishment or aspect of their education. I did once. My therapist says I will have to have 10 more sessions before I can deal with what they did to me. Not that I am not grateful, you understand!

New teachers and instructors at Club Zero 9

With Club Zero 9’s opening up in all major cities, we are thrilled to see so many selfless, kind hearted women have stepped up to take control of the silly sissies and airheads that require training.


All of these women give up their valuable time to ensure you are fully obedient and schooled in all aspects of serving. So do not forget to thank them for their generosity of spirit.


Mistress looking for a new husband

Martina is a very generous, warm hearted soul. She often shows her empty headed hubbie the key to his chastity cage before hiding it again. She points out, it helps his obedience and docility. She loves nights out, especially when little hubbie has a mountain of ironing to do, and she keeps her figure trim for her boyfriends by exercising with a bull whip in her spare time.